Woman Gave Birth to Twins from Different Fathers: Fact Check

Picture of Woman Gave Birth to Twins from Different Fathers
Woman Gave Birth to Twins from Different Fathers


Woman gave birth to twins from two different fathers at the same time.

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Woman Gives Birth to New Baby Twins with Two Different Dads.

Fact Check:

The message shows a woman with two twin brothers claiming that she gave birth to those twins at the same time – from different fathers. It is a fact. The woman’s name is Charlotte Kallehauge.

Twins from Different Fathers? How It is Possible

Having twins with separate fathers is possible, it is a rare biological event called Heteropaternal Superfecundation. If a woman has sexual intercourse with different men in short intervals within the same ovulatory period, Superfecundation may occur. Heteropaternal Superfecundation is a rare event that occurs when a woman ovulates twice (dizygotic), and has sex with different men within a couple of days of ovulation. Multiple ovulations like this happen in about 1% or more of all ovulations, it happens more often when women take ovulation-inducing medications.

Story of Charlotte Kallehauge

Charlotte Kallehauge is a 38 year old woman, already a mother of two boys from her husband Michael Nielsen. Things did not work between them, and she filed for divorce from Michael in August 2004. Tommy Kallehauge was the other man Charlotte was fond of and got close to. On new year’s day, after a long fight, Charlotte and Michael ended up in bed and she became pregnant. In less than two days, she slept with Tommy. Several months later, when she fell sick for weeks, doctor confirmed that she was pregnant and was expecting twins.

Charlotte decided to live alone and gave birth to the twin boys Marcus and Lucas on 23 August 2005. Michael took care of her while she was carrying the twins, and was there for the delivery. In couple of weeks after delivery, it was evident that the boys were not alike exactly. Marcus’s face was round, his hair was red, while Lucas was fair, with a long face. Marcus looked like Michael, and Lucas like Tommy. Charlotte got back with Tommy and after six months they decided to stay together. Interestingly, both Michael and Tommy got on well later and have accepted the kids.

This is a rare case of Superfecundation, where twins are from different fathers. A doctor told that the chances of twins having different fathers is one in 13,000. These boys are in fact one of only three known sets of twins in the world who are genetic half-brothers.

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