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World's First Human Male Pregnancy


A man by name Lee Mingwei claims to have had the world’s first human male pregnancy by implanting an embryo in his abdomen, showing pictures and videos of his pregnancy and that he is going to give birth to a child soon.


Human male pregnancy has been in the news from several years, that it is theoretically possible to implant an embryo in a man’s abdominal cavity and can be delivered by caesarian section. However, there isn’t any such case till date due to the high risks of male pregnancy and the dangers following the delivery.

The story refers to a Taiwanese man by name Lee Mingwei who claims to carry the first human male pregnancy, fathered by one of his friends Virgil Wong. He also links to the website which hosts pictures and videos of his pregnancy. The site also hosts a chat room for people to discuss complications of male pregnancy. But the fact is that the website hosts many such speculative fantasy stories that are not practically viable. The disclaimer of the website clearly shows this as well.

Lee Mingwei is actually an artist who has undertaken many such speculative fantasy projects, and his friend Virgil Wong who is claimed to father the pregnancy is a performance artist. The Wikipedia page of Male Pregnancy also mentions about this first male pregnancy hoax created by them. You can read the process of male pregnancy and its complications in the Wikipedia page.

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