World’s Smallest Baby Elephant – Facts Analysis

Picture about World's Smallest Baby Elephant
World's Smallest Baby Elephant


Smallest Elephant…. Share This Guys… Small N Cute Elephant……
World’s smallest elephant but he is fighting for his life so pray for him buy liking & sharing this status. Express your love to him. . .


This picture showing a tiny baby elephant in the arms of a man claims that it is the world’s smallest elephant which is fighting for its life. This message shared on social media networks like Facebook also asks people to share the picture, pray for the life of the baby elephant and express love towards it.

However, the story does not show complete facts. The elephant in the picture is not alive, it is actually a developing elephant fetus that died after its mother died. The original picture source proves the same. Elephants generally are 2.5 feet tall when they are born. Therefore the story is a yet another hoax on Facebook to mislead people. This is not the world’s smallest elephant.

Hoax or Fact:



Smallest Elephant – Original picture source
Elephant size at birth

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Prashanth Damarla