2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas, Video: Fact Check

Image about 2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas, Video
2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas, Video

Warning: Disturbing video in this article. Viewer discretion advised.


2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas
The danger of shaking gas cylinders

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Fact Check:

A disturbing video is popularly shared online alleging to show how 2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas. It is shared as an example to warn consumers about the danger of shaking gas cylinders. Yes, shaking and tampering with gas cylinders can be dangerous at times, but the video claiming to show 2 men Blast Shaking Cylinder is not real.

Image about 2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder with Gas, Video

About the Video Showing 2 Guys Blast Shaking Cylinder

The video in question is circulating online since at least May 2014. It shows two guys shaking and tampering around a gas cylinder before the alleged blast takes place. However, there are many flaws which question the authenticity of the blast shown in the video.

There are clear cuts in the video and the camera, which shakes in the beginning, does not move at all after the blast. Also, the sound of the blast does not suit the surroundings in the scene. Moreover, the bodies of the 2 guys disappear after blast without any kind of remains. All these factors are clear indicators the explosion shown was video editing. Some viewers also commented suggesting it is a Montage (filmmaking). Montage is the editing technique in filmmaking which involves assembling separate pieces of thematically related film and putting them together into a sequence.

Gas Explosions and Precautions with Cylinders

Although the video shows a warning about explosion of gas cylinders, it happens rarely. LPG Gas Companies say blast and explosions are more likely to happen due to accumulation of leaking gas. It can happen in cases like gas hose leakage, incorrect regulator installation, faulty regulators or tubes and inappropriate gas pressure. More often negligence of people to switch off the gas stove before leaving kitchen causes gas explosions. But as such, gas cylinder/bottle explosions are extremely uncommon in most countries.

Image of Gas Bottles/Cylinders

Coming back to the video claiming to show 2 guys blast shaking cylinder with gas, it is not real and a scene of editing. Nonetheless, shaking cylinders unnecessarily and tampering around the regulator and supply knobs can indeed be dangerous.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla