Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed, Miraculous Escape in India: Fact Check

Image about Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed, Miraculous Escape in India
Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed, Miraculous Escape in India

Warning: Disturbing footage in the video. Viewer discretion advised.


Watch Miraculous Escape in India – Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed.

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Fact Check:

A baffling video in circulation online purports to show a Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed, a miraculous escape which allegedly happened in Mumbai, India. It shows a woman driver running over the boy sitting down beside the car parked by the road; yet the kid survives and runs away without any serious injuries. Because of the disturbing nature of the video, the story went viral on WhatsApp and Twitter. Although it looks unbelievable, the incident is a fact – its details are explained below.

Image about Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed, Miraculous Escape in India

Car Runs Over Kid Unharmed Incident

Surveillance camera in the area captured the video shocking viewers, some of whom even got angry and demanded arrest and punishment of the careless driver. The incident took place in a society compound of East Goregaon in Mumbai, India. According to the timestamp in the video, the incident took place at around 7 pm on September 24, 2018. As you can see in the full footage below, a group of kids were playing with balls on street, beside cars parked by road. While the woman gets into car, one boy sits down on road tying his shoe lace, and the car runs over kid unharmed. He gets up immediately after the run over and goes to his friends crying for help. Everyone gathers around the boy, before someone carries him inside home.

The boy was actually sitting in a blind spot but escaped the accident fortunately. When the car hit, the lucky boy fell flat onto the ground and comes out safely after the car passes by. Surprisingly, ‘miraculous’ incidents like this are not unheard of. Similar heart stopping incident happened earlier in India when a toddler trips in the middle of a road and escapes unharmed in car run over.

Heart-Stopping Moment: Toddler Trips in Middle of Road, Has Miraculous Escape from Car Driven Over Her

Coming back to the incident in Mumbai, the eight-year-old boy Rahesiya Mathur only suffered minor injuries. Both the fortunate boy and the woman driver live in the same building. The boy’s family filed a complaint only after the video went viral. Dindoshi police arrested the woman for rash and negligent driving and later released her on bail as it was a bailable offence.

Safety Precautions

The boy in this case was lucky to escape, but these unfortunate accidents certainly suggest us some safety precautions. When on road, you should be watchful where you are tying your shoe laces. Parents should be careful and watchful of their kids’ wanderings and plays on roads. Housing societies may also have to review the status of such vehicle parking, especially where children play around.

Hoax or Fact:



Video: Child miraculously survives after getting run over by car in Mumbai

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