Carved Stone Sculpture in Nagvasuki Temple, Picture: Fact Check

Image about Carved Stone Sculpture in Nagvasuki Temple, Picture
Carved Stone Sculpture in Nagvasuki Temple, Picture


Kind attention everyone….

This is not a tree. It is carved in stone. No one knows who is the sculptor. This is in Nagvasuki temple, Prayag.
We always feel proud about Tajmahal, ignoring vast cultural heritage which remained unnoticed even today.
Bharat mata ki jai ?????

Other Versions

ఇది చెట్టు కాదు.దీన్ని ఒక రాతి మీద చెక్కారు. దీన్ని మలిచిన మహా శిల్పి ఎవరో మాత్రం ఎవరికీ తెలియదు.ఇది ప్రయాగ లోని ” నాగ వాసుకి” దేవాలయం లో ఉంది.
తాజ్మహల్ ని చూసి మనం ఆనందిస్తాము కానీ,మన దేవాలయాల్లో ఉన్నటువంటి మన వారసత్వ మహా శిల్ప సంపద ని మాత్రం మనం గుర్తించటం లేదు

Fact Check:

A picture message spread online claims to show what appears like a Tree is a wonderful Carved Stone in Nagvasuki Temple, Prayag and no one knows the sculptor. Accompanying messages also say it is one among the vast cultural heritage in India which remains unnoticed even today. The picture in fact shows a stone sculpture, but it is not from Nagvasuki temple in Prayag, India.

Carved Stone Sculpture Not from Nagvasuki Temple

In the first place, the story reminds us of a similar one from past claiming to show a mysterious Tree in Nalgonda or South Africa with unbelievable carving of Animals. They happened to be artificial creations of Disney Animal Kingdom.

Likewise, what you see in the photograph is actually an Artistic Banyan Tree from Utsav Rock Garden. It is an Indoor and Outdoor Contemporary Sculptural Museum in Gotagodi village of Haveri district, Karnataka. You can view some other pictures of the art in gallery. According to their website, the Artistic Banyan Tree is a monumental tribute to three great artists from Karnataka, India – Dr M V Minajigi, Shri D V Halabhavi & Shri T P Akki from pre-Independence era. They initiated the establishment of Lalitkala Academy in Karnataka, India.

On the other hand, Nagvasuki Temple is situated in landmark city of Prayagraj on the banks of the holy River Ganga in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The temple, dedicated to Lord Vasuki, the king of serpents is rather visited by a large number of devotees and tourists every year. A video of Zee News report shows some glimpses from the temple; it does not have the wonderful sculpture in question.

So, the photograph in circulation is from a Rock Garden in Karnataka. Note, it is slightly different in color. It is possible, the photograph was taken before the completing the coloring process or may have been edited.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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