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Picture: Donate your Tweet - Save Shriya, a little Angel
Donate your Tweet - Save Shriya, a little Angel


#JoyOfGiving – Donate your tweet to save a little angel’s life. #SaveShriya

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We earnestly request all of you to join us in our mission to save Shriya by donating generously for her Enzyme Replacement Therapy.


These messages started spreading through Twitter with the hastags of #JoyOfGiving and #SaveShriya, in several variants. They request everyone to share a tweet with the hashtag of #SaveShriya, claiming that for every such tweet shared Fortis Foundation has pledged to donate Rs 10/- INR towards saving a girl child named Shriya who is suffering with a rare genetic disorder and is battling with her life. The story is a fact.

Shriya was born on 31st May 2010, when she looked very pale, with hardly any flesh over her body, her skin dry and having red patches all over her body. While she recovered soon, in a span of one year, her stomach grew abnormal and her appetite and hemoglobin count kept on reducing. Examinations of Bone marrow and Enzyme Assay for Glucerebrosidase revealed that Shriya was born with a rare genetic disorder called Gaucher’s Disease.

Gaucher’s Disease is a rare genetic progressive disorder with many different symptoms. A person suffering from this disease cannot produce enough of an essential enzyme called Glucocerebrosidase, the importance of which is to break down a fatty substance. As a result of this, the fatty substance builds up in body cells and the spleen gets enlarged usually. Some of other symptoms of this disease are fatigue, bruising and a yellow fatty deposit on the white part of eyes, which can also lead to skeletal weakness and other bone diseases. This in turn can lead to collapsed hips, shoulders and spine. As of date, the only life saving treatment for this disease available in the world is Enzyme Replacement Therapy or ERT. ERT replaces the deficient enzyme with artificial enzymes. This is a treatment where the enzymes are replaced by intravenous administration through a vein, typically in high doses every two-weeks.

Shriya is currently undergoing ERT treatment in AIIMS, under Dr. Madhulika Kabra-Head Genetics. All the related medical reports and payment invoices are shown in their website at Save Shriya. Her first infusion is reported to have costed their parents Rs. 83,000/- INR. To survive, Shriya needs 2 doses of these ERT per month, each costing about 90,000 INR. The parents have approached several corporate companies and NGOs for financial help to save their girl child. Fortis Foundation came forward and helped Shriya with a month’s dose and consultations with experts. Further, as a part of Joy of Giving Week, they came up with social campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to promote this noble cause and #SaveShriya. Fortis Foundation is a venture of Fortis Healthcare whose aim is to contribute to better health of society, especially among the deprived sections. And Joy of Giving Week, originally known as “India Giving Week”, is a “festival of philanthropy” that celebrates the week covering Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2 – Oct 8) by engaging people with acts of giving, be it in the form of money, time, resources or skills.

So, if you wish to donate a tweet and help #SaveShriya , you can do it from here. Fortis Foundation will donate Rs 10/- INR for every tweet you share to help save Shriya. If you like to donate more, you can transfer money to the below account.


Account Number: 022010100399777
B2-B3, Sector 16, Noida, U.P.- India
Beneficiary Bank’s IFSC CODE: UTIB0000022

And if you wish to approach Shriya’s parents directly, below are their contact details:
Jaydeep Sethi (Father)
E-mail ID: jay_hcl[@]
Phone No: +91-9958284420

Shivani Sethi (Mother)
E-mail ID: shivanisethi0206[@]
Phone No: +91-9810033778

Although it is ethically questionable to donate money based on number of tweets / shares, to a person who is fighting with his life, You may share this article to support the genuine cause of saving the child’s life.

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