Escalator Swallows Man, Terrifying CCTV Footage: Fact Check

Image about Escalator Swallows Man, Terrifying CCTV Footage
Escalator Swallows Man, Terrifying CCTV Footage


Watch the Terrifying CCTV footage when an Escalator Swallows Man!

Take note!!!!!!

When an escalator is not operational, do not use it as stairs.
Reason being the weight on the escalator will force it to roll. When it rolls, the speed can get higher and higher because it is not controlled.
Also, some steps can fall off due to this. As we saw, people fell inside the escalator

Fact Check:

A terrifying CCTV footage in circulation online claims to show an accident when an Escalator Swallows Man! A message accompanying the video warns people not to use nonoperational escalator as stairs. It claims the walking pressure on such stairs can lead to unfortunate and dangerous escalator accidents. Yes, the video is real, and people must be careful, the warning message is also a fact.

Image about Escalator Swallows Man, Terrifying CCTV Footage

How Escalator Swallows Man

The unfortunate accident at the broken escalator took place at Ayazaga Metro station in Istanbul, Turkey on 27th February 2018 at 5.30pm. CCTV footage at the underground train station shows a terrifying incident when the stairs fall off suddenly and create a hole gap for the victim fall. The man steps onto the escalator stairs and collapses into the hole that opens under his feet. To the viewer, it appears as if the Escalator swallows man.

The accident happened when the broken escalator suddenly jolted into life with people walking down the stairs during rush hour. It pushed the people quickly down the metal stairs before a section of stairs collapsed and swallowed the unfortunate man. The man, named by local media as Mehmet Ali Erik, was reportedly trapped beneath the escalator for an hour. Firefighters rescued him and took him to hospital with minor injuries and fractured arm. Shown below is a Turkish news report on the incident.

Responding to the accident, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said they put a warning sign near the broken escalator. But it failed to stop people from using it. The accident certainly warns people not to use escalator stairs when it is not operational. Moreover, as a safety measure, experts advise people not to walk on escalator stairs even when it is working.

About Walking on Escalators and Safety

Some people have this habit of standing on a side and walking on the escalator. They think they can save few seconds time and get a bit of exercise also. But experts suggest the habit of walking on escalator may become a safety threat. Apart from the risk of machine fail, there’s also the danger of trip-and-fall hazard, especially with children.

Children Prone to Escalator Accidents because of their Shoes – Facts Analysis

Washington’s Metro system General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said the custom of standing on right side of a Metro escalator to clear the way for people to walk on the left damages escalators. According to transportation chiefs in China also, standing on the right-side damages that side of the escalator equipment. From long time, pioneer elevator company Otis suggested passengers not to walk on escalators, as a matter of safety. They say it’s best for escalators when riders stand together on both sides of the steps – without walking up or down. This is valid more in places like subway station systems where over all commuters on escalator are large in number.

To conclude, people need to stay safe on escalators to avoid accidents. Step on, hold on to the rail and stay alert. And yes, without a second thought, avoid using broken escalators as stairs!

Hoax or Fact:



Man Swallowed by escalator after falling through hole during rush hour at busy underground station
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