Government Tracking Device On Your Vehicle Wheels: Fact Check

Image about Government Tracking Device On Your Vehicle Wheels
Government Tracking Device On Your Vehicle Wheels


This is a Government Tracking Device..
If these are on your Wheels, remove them immediately!

The government is trying to track our wheels!

Fact Check:

A picture message in circulation alleges to show and warn vehicle owners about ‘secret’ Government Tracking Device on automobile Wheels. It says the government is trying to track our wheels and asks people to remove those immediately. No, the claims are simply not true and explained here.

Not Government Tracking Device on Wheels

The claim in question is doing rounds on various image sharing and social networking platforms, like it appeared in a reddit post. It became popular because of the nature of message warning about government tracking/spying on citizens with secret devices. This reminds us of an old, popular hoax message claiming free key holders given at filling stations are from criminals and contain hidden, sun-powered tracking device intended to find your location.

Coming back to the claim, vehicle tracking system is not new and the technology has been around for decades. In the beginning, tracking involved installing a device-box into the vehicle and newer methods use GPS and cell phone technologies. The small metal piece attached to the wheel in picture is in fact a Wheel Weight. It is not any secret installation of government to track your vehicle and your location. Wheel weight is placed on the rims to balance your tires and wheels for a smooth ride, especially at high speed when vibrations are likely. What you see in the picture is wheel weight (made of lead) and the image is an old one going back to at least 2008.

Image of Wheel Weights
Wheel Weights

So, the picture messages showing and warning vehicle owners about ‘secret’ government tracking device on automobile wheels are just hoaxes. Looks like, they originated as part of funny memes and spread as social media scare.

Image about Government Tracking Device On Your Vehicle Wheels

Hoax or Fact:


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