Graveyard Restaurant in India, Dining Amongst Dead: Fact Check

Image of Graveyard Restaurant in India, Dining Amongst Dead
Graveyard Restaurant in India, Dining Amongst Dead


Graveyard Restaurant – At this restaurant in Ahmedabad, India you can dine amongst the dead. ? OMG

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Dine with the dead – Weird Restaurant in India

Fact Check:

Some pictures, messages and videos doing rounds online claim to show a Graveyard Restaurant in India’s Ahmedabad, where you can Dine amongst the Dead. Yes, the claims are true, but the graveyard reportedly houses tombs of Muslim saints.

About the Graveyard Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India

The New Lucky Restaurant is located in Lal Darwaza region of Ahmedabad’s Walled City, built around graves and coffins. The weird graveyard restaurant houses coffins and food tables sitting right next to each other. The offbeat restaurant serves tea, buns and snacks like any other normal one. Customers also do not mind sitting next to the graves sealed with iron grills and relishing their food. Locals believe the 12 graves inside the restaurant belong to some Sufi saints from the 16th century.

The restaurant started as a little tea stall in 1950s under a tree surrounded by graves of Sufi fakirs. The tea and buns of the stall became so famous the owner had to build a structure around the graveyard to accommodate the rush. Since the graveyard has been lucky, the owner did not want to disturb the tombs as the restaurant flourished. Tombs of Muslim saints are considered sacred in India and other countries. Muslims, Hindus and people of other faith consider them spiritual places and pray at such renowned places.

Likewise, customers of the restaurant who believe in it also give a bow at the tombs. On the other hand, waiters of the restaurant pay respect cleaning and decorating the graves everyday with fresh flowers. Interestingly, lucky restaurant also accommodates an old, bent Neem tree in the middle of the eatery with its slanting trunk going right up through the roof.

Visit of Artist M.F Husain

In 2004, renowned artist M.F Husain, a friend of the restaurant’s founder, K.H. Mohammadbhai visited the place and developed a deep bond. Husain gifted a painting to Lucky Restaurant, which hangs on its wall. The restaurant became more popular after his visit.

Facebook page HISTORY TV18 shared a video showing some glimpses from the graveyard restaurant, describing the same.

In India, drinking tea along with their favorite snacks is a relishing experience for many consumers. Artist M.F Husain described his visit to the graveyard restaurant as having a feeling of life and death beside each other.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with Some Missing Information.


New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad allows you to dine with the dead!
Dining with the Dead: The Graveyard Restaurant

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