Helicopter Accident with a Truck in Amritsar, Video: Fact Check

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Helicopter Accident with a Truck in Amritsar, Video


Helicopter Accident with a Truck in Amritsar, Punjab.
This happens only in India.

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Only in India …
Amritsar Ratansingh chowk Helicopter Truck Accident…..

Fact Check:

A surprising video is viral online alleging to show an unusual Helicopter Accident with a Truck in Amritsar, Punjab – saying it happens only in India. The video is real, but the accident is not from India – it is an old one from Brazil.

Not Video of Helicopter Accident with Truck in Amritsar

The short, 29 seconds video is in fact doing rounds on WhatsApp and other social networking platforms. By all means, it shows a running helicopter parked beside a road. A truck container comes along from the other side and hits its blades unknowingly, causing the unexpected accident. Unfortunately, both the helicopter blades and the truck container are damaged as a result. Some cans/drums sort of things also fall on the road from the container.

Unlike the claims, the unusual traffic accident is not from Amritsar (India), it is from Brazil. On 18th January 2020, a Truck drove into a police helicopter in Rio Branco, Brazil. The helicopter propeller touched the truck container’s body, chopping it into pieces as a result. Occupants did not suffer any serious injuries, but both vehicles were seriously damaged. A longer version video of the accident appeared earlier on Twitter in January 2020.

As a matter of fact, the helicopter belongs to the CIOPAER – Coordination Integrated Air Operations, a state public security agency – carrying two commanders and three crew members. It was on patrol, about to take off after landing on BR-364, in the region of the Second District of Rio Branco, in Acre. On the other hand, the truck belonged to the state department of health and was carrying hospital waste at the time of the accident. There’s also a video showing the unusual accident up-close from another angle.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Hoax.

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Prashanth Damarla