Hyderabad, Uppal Metro Station Develops Massive Cracks: Fact Check



Hyderabad, Uppal Metro Station wall develops massive Cracks. If not addressed on time could result in a massive loss of lives

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Uppal metro about to collapse

please share this to people staying near uppal area not to stay under this metro bridge it can collapse any time

stop travelling in metro

Fact Check:

An image in heavy circulation on social media alleges to show and warn commuters of massive cracks on the Uppal Metro Station wall in Hyderabad. Some netizens even sent out messages not to stay under the metro bridge and stop travelling in metro as the metro bridge may collapse anytime. The claims are mixture of hoax and facts explained here.

About the Uppal Metro Station Cracks

The image in question showing cracks on the station wall of Uppal Metro started circulating on Twitter and WhatsApp groups from around 11th October 2019. It created panic among Metro commuters because of an unfortunate death incident earlier on 22nd September 2019. Mounika, a young woman from Kukatpally, was standing underneath the elevated Ameerpet Metro station, taking cover from the heavy rain during evening hours. Suddenly, some portions of the Metro Station surface wall concrete fell on her. She sustained severe injuries on the head and succumbed on her way to the hospital.

Image from Woman Death incident at Ameerpet Metro Station
Image from Woman Death incident at Ameerpet Metro Station

Coming back to the claim in question, this is not the first time social media users shared images showing cracks on metro walls. They express concerns about the quality of the build and question safety of the metro rail commuters. The picture messages about Uppal Metro Station developing dangerous cracks on its body also went viral.

Image of Twitter post showing cracks at Prakash Nagar Metro Station
Image of Twitter post showing cracks at Prakash Nagar Metro Station

Similar Allegation in Prakash Nagar

There’s another image in circulation alleging to show cracks on Prakash Nagar Metro Station wall in Hyderabad. Consequently, NVS Reddy, the Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) posted a Twitter response to it on 10th October 2019. He in fact shared a picture of the Prakash Nagar Station wall surface crack after rectification. Later that day, he posted another message saying some old pictures of surface crack rectification works and others are posted and circulated by some people. He also said there’s no need for panic.

In Uppal Metro case, media report siasat.com published a response from the Managing Director of HMRL. He said the superficial surface cracks at Uppal Metro are identified, widened and refilled. He also said painting will be done after drying.

Uppal Metro Station Cracks under rectification. Photo: HMRL
Uppal Metro Station Cracks under rectification. Photo: HMRL

While netizens are questioning poor quality of construction of Metro by L&T and HMRL, they continue to dial down the issue by fixing them instantly. On the other hand, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao ordered an inquiry to check the quality of metro rail structures. The Managing Director of HMRL also said identification & rectification works by L&T at all metro stations/other structures are going on.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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Prashanth Damarla