Italy People Throw Money on Roads – Can’t Save from Death: Fact Check

Image about Italy People Throw Money on Roads, Can't Save from Death
Italy People Throw Money on Roads, Can't Save from Death


People in Italy throw all of their money on the roads outside saying that this money is useless to save them from death. If you are well off spend this for the service and help of the needy.lesson for humanity.

Other Versions

1. This is money left on roads by owner infected with Coronavirus.

2. (Hindi)
इटली में लोगों ने अपनी दौलत सड़कों पर फेंक दी।
उनका कहना है कि ये किसी काम की नहीं, देख लो भाईयो अब भी समझ जाओ ।

3. Rich Italian Man Spray Money on the Streets

Fact Check:

Some picture messages popular on social media allege to show people in Italy have thrown all their money on roads saying it is useless and cannot save them from death. There’s another version of the story claiming the owner left the money on roads as he was infected with the deadly Coronavirus. Accompanying images appear to show lot of currency notes spread on roads along with few people and vehicles. No, the claims are not true – the images are not from Italy and not related to the global pandemic, Coronavirus.

Not Italy People Throwing Money on Roads

It is a fact, the deadly new strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19 has infected Italy badly and led to several thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of infections. The global pandemic has devastated Italy to a great extent. However, the story in circulation is not a fact. The images are also doing rounds on social media with false claims saying a rich Italian man sprayed the money on streets perhaps amid Coronavirus crisis.

The images are old ones from Venezuela, coming from time period around March 2019 when the country was going through hyperinflation. A bank was looted in Venezuela, and then the people burnt the money to show it was worthless. Note, the currency notes were withdrawn earlier and so were not useful.

Earlier, the images circulated online with contextual messages like ‘Worthless currency litters the street in Venezuela‘ and ‘This is what happens when a currency has lost all its value, Venezuela‘.

Coming back to the story in question, Italy people did not throw all their money on roads amid Coronavirus crisis. However, the stories also carry a message of humanity along with the false claim. They say if you are well off, spend the money in service of people and help the needy. They go on to suggest the millions of deadly Coronavirus infections across world and several thousands of deaths is a lesson for humanity.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla