Millions of China Mobile Users Missing – Coronavirus Deaths: Fact Check


More Reasons

The mentioned January and February 2020 is New Year period when subscriptions to the mobile services could have ended. China was going through Coronavirus outbreak, lock down, quarantine and also citizen financial crisis to some extent. Businesses could have shut down during lock down period and some people could have left country amid Coronavirus scare. On the other hand, some people mentioned Telecom companies in China were cleaning up zombie accounts since December 2019.

Many people used multiple SIM phones and cards from different companies, discarding some of them due to non-affordability. In a later message on Twitter, Jennifer Zeng also mentioned the same. One user said they got 4 free family SIMs, which they never used and discarded now.

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There’s a video popular with the story alleging to show a bulk lot of phones of the dead, Wuhan hospital is cleaning up. Accompanying messages claim the number of phones in the video tells the actual number of deaths. Again, they claim the death toll due to Coronavirus is lot higher than what China faked as over 3,200.

The video is an old one available online since at least November 2019 before the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus. A longer and clear version of the video shows a person sorting phones in the background. Most likely, it is part of some phone recycling process. Note, the video doing rounds online with false claims is mirrored and carries a sad background music.

So, considering aforementioned facts, it is unlikely there were millions of Coronavirus deaths China is hiding from world. In today’s satellite and social media age, it is not easy to hide such a large scale death, especially after a global pandemic and major countries keeping an eye on China.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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