Muslims Spit Into Food Before Serving It to Others: Fact Check

Image about Muslims Spit Into Food Before Serving It to Others
Muslims Spit Into Food Before Serving It to Others


As per their religion, Muslims are supposed to Spit in the Food before Serving it to People from other religion.

Fact Check:

Some messages and videos are doing rounds online claiming to show Muslims spit into the food before serving it to people of other religion. The claim as such is a hoax with some valid information explained here.

This is not the first time the ‘controversial’ claims came to surface. Earlier versions specify Shia Muslims do it during Muharram and so no Sunni is allowed to eat their food. They became popular online in mid January 2020 when a video alleging to show same appeared on Twitter. Hoax fighter and fact finder HoaxEye also looked into the video and allegations.

Truth About the Video

Similar to the claims in question, the video ‘appears’ to show a Muslim man spitting into a spoonful of food and mixing it with the dish. The video shows a group of Muslims gathering before a public serving, perhaps during Muharram. However, the fact of the matter is something different in case of the video. It simply shows a symbolic ritual of mild blowing of air (dham phoonkna in Hindi) after reciting few religious prayers. Likewise, the Muslim preacher blows air into the spoon of food and mixes it with the food. Note, he does similar ritual of reciting prayers later reaching over to other dishes of food. They believe such a prayer and ritual will increase the food for distribution.

Another Video of Licking Vessels

We have come across another popular video in relation to the allegations of spitting in food. It shows a group of young Muslim boys sitting together and licking vessels and spoons in some kind of food distribution. Amid deadly outbreak of Coronavirus, COVID-19 the video also appeared online claiming the group of Muslims are spreading Coronavirus:

This video shows that they are applying and putting saliva on spoons, plates and utensils and also they are in the intention of spreading corona virus disease. 

Again, the fact of the matter is different. What you see in the video is in fact Bohra Muslims licking and cleaning the dishes to ensure not to waste any food. It’s an orthodox practice of Alavi Bohras, a section of Muslims. Accordingly, one should lick his fingers after finishing his meal and should never leave a bit of food in the “thaal” (plate). The video also appeared on Vimeo calling it a crazy behavior. Most probably, the saying suggests not to waste food in one’s own plate.

Do Shia Muslims Spit into Food?

On the other hand, the allegations about Shia Muslims spitting into food before offering it to others is quite popular. They say that’s why no Sunni is allowed to eat Shia food during Muharram. They claim Shia spit on the food they send to Sunnis living in the neighborhood because of their extreme hatred. Some Sunnis claim Shias do it on purpose, secretly to take revenge on them. Shias and Sunnis are the two major denominations of Islam having different opinions. While Sunnis are a majority, Shias are not considered Muslims by some.

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Prashanth Damarla