Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice: Fact Check

Picture about Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice
Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice


Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice.

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1. Nagaland Baptist Church Council asks Christians to refrain from practicing Yoga in an official Letter.

2. Refrain from Yoga: Naga Church Body

Picture about Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice
Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice

Fact Check:

A letter doing rounds on social media claims to show that Nagaland Baptist Church Council refrains Christians from practicing Yoga.According to the letter, Yoga is deeply rooted in the practices and beliefs of the Hindu religion,hence it is not compatible with Christianity.The letter also requests institutions both within and outside Nagaland to exempt Naga students from practising Yoga so as not to hurt the religious sentiments of the Christian community as well as to uphold the religious freedom envisaged in the Constitution of India.

Yes, the letter from the popular Naga Church body asking the Naga Christian residents to avoid practising Yoga, is true, and has received criticism as well.

About Naga Church Letter Refrains Yoga Practice

On 17 August 2017, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has issued a letter directive for the second time asking  the Naga Christians, constituent Associations and Churches to refrain from practicing Yoga. It has also sent a copy of the letter to the State Cabinet and State Officials among others. NBCC communicates through the letter that “Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline deeply rooted in the religious beliefs and practices of Hinduism and hence it is not compatible with Christianity“. The Christian Council also mentioned they are not against any religion. Nonetheless, the Church views any form of meditation, philosophical thinking and transcendental meditation contrary to the Christian world seriously.

Yoga and Hinduism

Yoga practice’ connections to the Hindu religion have been debated often. The letter written by NBCC  is not the first of its kind. In past, other Christian bodies, Jews and certain Muslims have also discouraged  Yoga practice attributing it to the Hindu religion. In 2015, the NBCC and other Christian Bodies in Nagaland and Mizoram have also opposed holding the International Yoga Day.

As a matter of fact, Nagaland is a popular Baptist dominant state in the world.As per 2011 Census, over 87.93 percent of the population in Nagaland are Christians, and around 70 percent of them are Baptists. The State also has one of the largest Church buildings in Asia, the Sumi Baptist Church that can seat upto 8500 people. After the NBCC letter surfaced online, some liberals questioned as to why the Christians did not build a Hospital instead of the big Church.

Picture of Sumi Baptist Church in Nagaland
Sumi Baptist Church in Nagaland

Opponents of Yoga practice relate its history as an ancient spiritual practice with religious connections to Hinduism and Buddhism. Nonetheless, Yoga is actually a physical, mental & spiritual practice that even Science backs up for health and wellness. Irrespective of religion, people who understand Yoga benefits are encouraging its practice.

Hoax or Fact:


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