Petrol in Eyes can Make you Blind – Facts Analysis

Picture: Petrol in Eyes can Make you Blind
Petrol in Eyes can Make you Blind


Petrol is dangerous if you get it in your eyes, it can make you blind. 


The message says that Petrol can be dangerous if it gets into your eyes, and can even make you blind. Yes, it is a possible fact.

The Petrol vapor or even Gasoline can be irritating to the eyes, and can affect your vision if its concentration and time of contact is more. In severe cases, there is a possibility that the person can even go blind. Not only eyes, if Petrol gets into your ears, it can impair your hearing, and prolonged skin contact can lead to irritation or dermatitis. So when you come in contact with Petrol, especially in eyes, it is important to take immediate care.

Flush the affected eye with water or an eye irrigant immediately, for at least 10-15 minutes. If you experience any trouble with your vision or continued symptoms, visit the nearest emergency room immediately and seek medical advice. You can also see an ophthalmologist to ensure that the petrol did not give you a corneal abrasion or chemical burn.

Prevention is always better than cure, it is important to be careful when you are around Petrol, especially in filling stations, with your kids around.

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