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About Resale of Used Masks

Although the video does not show an incident of cleaning and resale of used masks, there are chances of it happening during heavy demand and health crisis. One such incident took place in Thailand where a recycling store was caught by police washing, ironing and packing used masks for resale. On 2nd March 2020, Thai Police raided the recycling store in Central Thailand’s Saraburi Province. Officers found six workers sorting through the used masks, washing, ironing and refolding them to make them look fresh before packing into brand new paper boxes. The video below shows some shocking glimpses from the raid.

Officials found sacks of used face masks containing tens of thousands of used face masks. One of the workers reportedly told the police they received used face masks from a dealer. The facility was in fact exploiting the face mask shortage in Asia because of the spread of the Coronavirus. Police Colonel Pairoj Trisopon said the owner faces fines and criminal charges for putting public safety at risk during the contagious COVID-19.

So, like the messages suggest, it is wise to buy face masks from reliable sources. For your information, masks are not required for everyone and at all times. Along with necessary precautions, you can learn when to use face masks from our article.

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