Sex Traffickers Targeting Women with Zip Ties on Cars: Fact Check

Image about Sex Traffickers Targeting Women with Zip Ties on Cars
Sex Traffickers Targeting Women with Zip Ties on Cars


Women I need your attention if you notice a cable tie/zip tie on your car, mail box, fence, ECT.

They’re used by sex traffickers to note you’re a woman who’s alone.
Don’t take them off when you immediately see it.
Wait until you get to a different destination because they’re trying to distract you by getting it off then abducting you.

Same thing goes if you find something on your windshield; it’s a distraction so they have time to get you.

Ladies please be careful and stay vigilant.

Other Versions

1. To everyone in San Angelo especially LADIES check your cars houses everything pls to see if there zip ties. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



If you see a ziptie, scarf, towel, or anything around your car mirror, or anywhere on your car. DO NOT try to take it off, get in your car and drive away IMMEDIATELY!

This is a new method human traffickers are using to kidnap. While you are busy trying to get it off, they come up behind you and get you. PLEASE stay safe.

Image of Story on Facebook
Story on Facebook

Fact Check:

Various messages doing rounds heavily on social media warn Women about Sex Traffickers allegedly placing Zip Ties on Cars to target them. They claim the criminals place objects like zip ties around your car mirror/windshield or anywhere on your car to get your attention and distract you. When a lonely woman tries to take off the zip tie or other object, the messages claim, the human traffickers come in and kidnap. No, the claims are not true.

Image of Story on Twitter
Story on Twitter

Sex Traffickers Targeting Woman with Objects like Zip Ties?

The claims in question are doing rounds on social media in different versions. Some posts specifically mentioned black-colored zip ties are used to target potential victims of human trafficking. Apart from zip ties, others also mentioned objects like scarf, towel or anything around car mirror, mail box, fence etc. This reminds us of old scare messages about Drugged Perfume Samples in Parking Lots.

Originated around San Angelo

The scare messages about sex traffickers initially centered on San Angelo city of Texas, USA. They linked Zip ties on cars to sex trafficking and created buzz on social media since at least October 2018. After receiving many calls back then, San Angelo Police issued a news release about it.

Police received several inquiring about black-colored zip ties being used to target potential victims of human trafficking. One post was concerning a zip tie that was placed on a San Angelo woman’s vehicle side mirror. In another post, a warning message stated that sex traffickers were placing black zip ties on the lamp posts, houses, apartments, and fences of their intended female targets.”

San Angelo police department clarified they did not receive any reports of such human trafficking or kidnappings. They also found the woman who created the original post. She was not the owner of the pictured vehicle and copied the claim as a means to alert women about human trafficking, out of concern. The police department asked people not to spread rumors or unverified information through social media networks.

One of the initial images with the warning message
One of the initial images with the warning message

So, the various messages warning women about sex traffickers using objects like zip ties to target potential victims are hoaxes. Nonetheless, human trafficking is a serious issue globally. The San Angelo Police also reminded people to be careful about their surroundings and be aware of warning signs associated with sex trafficking.

Hoax or Fact:


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