Shocking Video – Animals Frozen Alive in -51⁰ Kazakhstan: Fact Check

Image about Animals Frozen Alive in -51⁰ Kazakhstan, Shocking Video
Animals Frozen Alive in -51⁰ Kazakhstan, Shocking Video


Shocking Video – Animals Frozen Alive in -51⁰ Kazakhstan

Other Versions

1. Animals are getting frozen in Kazakhstan due to severe dip in Temperature -51⁰ degrees

2. Animals in Kazakhstan froze after temperatures reached 51 below zero

Fact Check:

A shocking video viral online purports to show Animals Frozen Alive in Kazakhstan due to -51⁰ degrees severe dip in temperature. Accompanying messages suggest temperatures fell very drastically and the animals froze very quickly as the icy atmosphere left no way to escape. No, as such the claims coming with the video do not appear to be true.

About Cold Conditions in Kazakhstan

It is a fact, as of this writing, bitter cold conditions are sweeping across the Central Asian nation, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a vast country having extremely continental climate, with very cold winters almost everywhere. Temperatures in the northern region can in fact reach -50 °C (-58 °F) in winter and 40 °C (104 °F) in summer. Kazakhstan is located amidst the Arctic Circle and counted among the coldest countries in the world.

Video of Animals Frozen Alive?

The viral video claims to show heart-wrenching scenes of some animals frozen alive while standing or moving. It appears to show a Sheep frozen to death in standing position, which falls onto the ground when the man shooting the video kicks. Then the video claims to show couple of dogs frozen to death while walking. There’s also one dead rat on top of the white dog’s neck. The video ends appearing to show a Saiga Antelope frozen to death in a sitting position.

Dogs, Cats and other animals can in fact freeze to death in severe cold temperatures. However, it does not usually happen when they are in motion or in standing position. When temperatures are freezing, animals move to protective shelters/corners. Some animals can also start digging and huddle into ditches underground. They try to keep themselves warm, curling down and sleeping if possible.

Coming to the video in question, there are no credible news reports about the frozen death incidents shown in it. One of the ears of the white dog is white and the other one dark. The rat freezing to death on top of the dog’s neck is also suspicious to believe.

On the other hand, similar claims appeared online in the past also. Videos and images showed a frozen Hare trapped while climbing through a fence and a Dog stuck while walking through a snow-covered field. Animal rights activists at the time suspected foul play over the rock-solid frozen dog. They insisted the dog was not walking at the time. One group also called for more work to save helpless animals stuck outside in the sub-zero weather.

To Conclude

The video is made staging either really frozen animals that died while lying down, or what you see are simply stuffed animals. Animals rights activists in past claimed the pictures (and videos) are cruel in “having fun over the deaths” of animals.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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Prashanth Damarla