Tamil Nadu Police Helmet Fine Boy on Cycle: Fact Check

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Tamil Nadu Police Helmet Fine Boy on Cycle


Tamil Nadu police Helmet fine for cycle !

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Fact Check:

A short video is doing rounds on social media alleging to show Tamil Nadu Police Helmet Fined a Boy riding a Cycle. The video in fact shows a policeman stopping a boy coming on cycle before locking and holding it beside the road. Nonetheless, the claim as such is not true.

Images about Tamil Nadu Police Helmet Fine Boy on Cycle

TN Police Helmet Fine a Boy on Cycle?

Couple of people from a nearby building shot the video in question assuming the policeman stopped the boy on cycle probably to fine him for not wearing helmet. With the unusual claims, the video went viral on social media amidst increase in traffic penalty across India and some criticism from motor vehicle commuters. Consequently, Tamil Nadu police investigated into the matter of the incident.

The incident took place in the evening of 16th September 2019 in Eriyur village in Pennagaram block of Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu. The Sub Inspector S. Subramani intercepted the boy on cycle and seized the cycle briefly – because he was riding the cycle hands-free. So, the messages claiming TN police helmet fine the boy riding on cycle are just hoaxes. After outrage about ‘detention of the boy,’ police released a video statement from the boy and his grandmother. Police said the boy was reprimanded for his risky behavior on riding cycle and was sent off after 10 minutes. They also added the boy on cycle was not fined.

Hoax or Fact:


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