This Guy was Texting While Driving: Picture – Facts

This Guy was Texting While Driving, Picture
This Guy was Texting While Driving, Picture


This guy was texting while driving – they found the phone still in his hand. They found his head in the back seat.

Other Versions

1. They found his cell phone still in his hand – he was texting – his head was in the back seat. PLEASE don’t text while driving. Share this if you’re against Texting & Driving.

2. Saw this on Facebook today. An eye-opener for you sitting o send SMS while you are driving, because that was what this driver did. His mobile was still in his hand, but his head was in the backseat.

3. Do not play with the phone while driving! Harm to others! When rescue personnel found the deceased, the deceased had been decapitated, his hand still holding the phone. The original accident took place when the deceased was using a mobile phone.

4. He was texting his wife, to say he was 5 minutes from home. PLEASE don’t text and drive! (Please share)


Photograph claims to show a severe car crash that occurred as a result of the motorist texting while driving. It is said that the mobile was still in the driver’s hand, but his head was in the backseat. Although the accident shown in the photograph is real, the details and the reasons behind it are not clear.

This photograph showing the dangerous collision of a Chevrolet Corvette and a tractor-trailer has been circulating online for many years, with various stories attached to it. The messages claim that the accident occurred as a result of texting while driving, and warn people not to do the same.

The accident shown in the picture is real, it happened in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey back on 29 July 2005. As reported by the newspaper The Record, Bergen County, NJ on, 58 year old Joseph Gianelli was killed on spot in the accident, but the details and reasons behind the crash were not mentioned. Further investigation into the crash incident was reported. However, note that texting while driving was not a common issue back in 2005.

So it appears like the photograph is used to warn people against texting while driving. Texting while driving is certainly dangerous and has caused very serious traffic accidents. In fact this is the reason why mobile phone use while driving is made illegal and punishable in most places. Avoiding mobile phone usage while driving will not only help you reach your destination safely, it will as well keep the fellow people on road safe.

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