Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party: Fact Check

Image about Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party
Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party

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Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party, Orissa

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1. Tiger Attack on Picnic Party in Daringbari/Orissa

Image about Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party

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ओडिशा के दरिंगबाड़ी में एक पिकनिक पार्टी पर बाघों ने हमला कर दिया

Fact Check:

A graphic video and couple of images viral on WhatsApp claim to show a Tiger Attack in Daringbadi, Orissa during a Picnic party. The video shows a group of tigers surrounding a man, mauling and attacking him brutally. The unfortunate incident happened despite use of firecrackers and screaming of onlookers. Couple of images that accompany the story appear to show the tiger kills in the alleged incident. Contrary to the claims, the video and pictures do not show a Tiger attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party.

Image about Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party Image about Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party

Not Tiger Attack in Daringbadi Picnic Party

Following the viral messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites, the ‘Tiger’ scare in Daringbadi created panic among local people. The same story also appeared online with other attributions like the incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandauli district, Himachal Pradesh and Warangal of Telangana. Forest officials and the Police of Daringbadi inquired into the alleged tiger kill and found no such incident took place in Daringbadi. They confirmed the scare message spreading on social media is just a rumor.

About the Video

The alleged video of Tiger attack in Daringbadi is in fact an old tragic incident from a Zoo in China which happened in Jan. 2017. As per reports, the man fell into a tiger enclosure at Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo, China. It happened when the man was trying to climb a wall in an attempt to avoid paying the zoo’s entrance fee. As the tigers attacked the man, the zoo officials used firecrackers and water canon shots to scare them. But the unfortunate man with surname Zhang died later in hospital. Reportedly, one of the tigers was also shot dead by local police.

About the Images

The images accompanying the message are also old. First image shows a livestock animal a tiger stole away to eat from a farm in Udadan Village of Madhya Pradesh in November 2018. The other image is shared by Hindustan Times website as an evidence of an animal kill made by Tiger in Bhopal forest division back in February 2017.

Officials said some miscreants spread the rumor about Tiger attack in Daringbadi to create panic, instill fear and keep away picnickers from visiting the area. Daringbadi is a hill station and popular tourist destination in Kandhmal district of Odisha state in India.

Hoax or Fact:


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