TikTok User Mocks Face Mask, Tests Positive for Coronavirus: Fact Check

Image of TikTok User Mocks Face Mask, Tests Positive for Coronavirus
TikTok User Mocks Face Mask, Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Indian TikTok user Samir Khan who mocked and dismissed the use of face mask in video tests positive for Coronavirus.

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Fact Check:

A video message doing rounds online alleges to show an Indian TikTok user who dismissed use of face mask tests positive for Coronavirus. The first part of the video shows the user saying he trusts in God rather than a piece of cloth (face mask) and walks away carefree. However, in second video, he appears in an isolation ward saying Doctors confirmed he is infected with Coronavirus and seeks prayers and support from his followers. Yes, both the videos are real and the incident is true.

TikTok User Dismisses Face Mask Use, Gets Coronavirus

25-year-old Sameer Khan is a TikTok star ‘Sameer King’ from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India. In one of his videos, he dismissed the use of face masks amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. When someone questions why he is not wearing a mask, Sameer King sitting carefree on a bike dismisses wearing face masks saying how can we trust a piece of cloth, and adds it is better to trust God. The TikTok user has close to 75,000 followers.

Reportedly, Sameer Khan later visited his sister’s place in Jabalpur and developed symptoms of Coronavirus. So, doctors kept him in isolation at the Bundelkhand Medical College. On 10th April 2020, doctors revealed he tested positive for the deadly virus COVID-19. The second part of the video is what he shot from the isolation ward, requesting his followers to pray for him. There’s a picture showing him wearing a mask on his face and a cap inside the hospital. On the other hand, health authorities have quarantined over 50 people, including the medical staff, family and neighbors of the patient.

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Earlier in Delhi, Nizamuddin Markaz Chief Maulana Saad urged Muslims to defy Coronavirus lockdown and stay in Mosques. Thousands of people who gathered at the event left to various parts of India. As a result, a number of people in the event got infected with the deadly Coronavirus. Moreover, as they traveled, the number of infections and deaths in India shot up significantly.

After Police registered an FIR on Maulana Saad, he released an audio urging the fraternity to quarantine and follow government guidelines of safety. The purpose of lockdown is to stay at home and stay safe from the global pandemic killing lakhs of people.

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TikTok star mocks wearing a mask, becomes first person in district to test positive
Indian TikTok star Sameer King gets coronavirus after mocking masks

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