4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan: Fact Check

Image about 4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan
4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan


4 artificial intelligent robots killed 29 scientists at a Lab in Japan

This how we all gonna die

Other Versions

1. 4 AI robots recently killed 29 scientists in secret South Korean lab. Humans cannot control Artificial Intelligence robots!!

2. 29 Humans Killed in Laboratory Producing Militarized Artificial Intelligence Robots

Fact Check:

Certain messages, videos and screenshots doing rounds online warn people that 4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists at a Lab in Japan. Other versions say the incident took place in a South Korean lab producing Militarized Artificial Intelligence Robots. Although there are concerns about ‘Killer Robots,’ the said incident is not true.

Origin of Claim: Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists

On 18th of Dec. 2018, the message appeared on a viral Twitter post from Andre Hill, which garnered thousands of likes and retweets. The same day an article with similar message appeared on satirical website Huzlers.com. There’s also a video clip of Linda Moulton Howe saying an Ex-Military Whistleblower revealed it to her in August of 2017. Allegedly, 29 humans were killed by shooting metal bullets while producing weaponized Autonomous robots in Japan.

We have seen the short video clip of Linda Moulton Howe appeared earlier on 13th December in YouTube channel of Jay Coffee Talk. Notably, it was sourced from a video presentation of Linda Moulton Howe at the Conscious of Life Expo in Los Angeles earlier in February 2018. In the video running for about one and half hour, Linda Moulton basically talks about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. She mentions Artificial Intelligence to robots, especially those under development for military applications with weapons, has the risk of robots to lethally turn on their human makers.

About Linda Moulton Howe and her Claims

Yes, it is a fact that certain people have raised questions about Robot death risks to humans, i.e. “Killer Robots”. And earlier in 2018, AI experts called for boycott over a lab at South Korea University voicing concerns over their collaboration with a Defence Company working on autonomous weapons. But there are no such reports or proofs that 4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan, South Korea or anywhere else.

The claim is based only on what Linda Moulton Howe said during the presentation talking on dangers of Artificial Intelligence. As a matter of fact, Linda Moulton Howe is an American investigative journalist known for her work as a UFOlogist and advocacy of a variety of conspiracy theories. She often speculates about United States government working with Aliens and Extraterrestrials (ET).

Originally, Linda Moulton claimed earlier that she received a call in August 2017 from a retired Marines special forces officer in Japan who revealed about the killer robots. Accordingly, 29 humans were killed in a laboratory that was producing militarized robots by the Japanese for warfare. The 4 autonomous robots reacted and killed humans in the lab it seems. She also adds the whistleblower was telling her from an year about ET related communications of his special forces team. Firstly, there are no credible reports of such an incident. Also note, Linda Moulton Howe did not mention any details of the incident. If we assume someone did call her as a whistle-blower, it’s also uncertain if he would tell truth to a well-known conspiracy theorist.

So, considering the aforementioned facts, origin of the message and lack of evidence, the claim that 4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan or South Korea is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla