Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchaku – Video – Hoax Analysis

Picture about Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchaku - Video
Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchaku - Video


A priceless clip of Bruce Lee…

This is a short clip done in the late 60’s of Mr. Bruce Lee using Nun chucks to defeat a Ping Pong game opponent. Even with two opponents.
(This is actually being used as part of Nokia phone promotion campaign overseas, but the footage is real). His focus on speed, reflexes and accuracy was absolutely incredible!
And this was long before the days of photo-shop and high-tech special effects. He was the true king of all martial artists (on several levels), and innovator to the sport, and NO ONE was or may ever be his equal in that regard.
Watch and judge for yourself. He makes it look almost effortless.

Other Versions

Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchaku, Must See!


This is an old video claiming to show an unbelievable play of Ping Pong (Table Tennis) practice match between Bruce Lee and couple of other strong opponents, as ‘Bruce Lee’ shows an incredible display of the game, playing with his Nunchaku. Although most people believed this video to be real, the person shown in the video is not Bruce Lee actually, and the video is in fact a commercial ad campaign for Nokia N96 made in the year 2008 by a Chinese marketing agency called JWT Beijing.

Picture of Look alike and Bruce Lee
Look alike and Bruce Lee

In memory of Bruce Lee’s 35th death anniversary in 2008, Nokia wanted to introduce and promote a Limited Edition Bruce Lee N96 mobile phones. Bruce Lee is known for his incredible Karate skills and his expertise with Nanchaku, so the ad agency wanted to relate this special skill and create a viral marketing video for their client Nokia. If you see the video, the facial features of so called Bruce Lee are never shown clearly, and the background is dark all the time. The picture in the image section below shows a comparison between a snapshot of the person in the video and the original picture of Bruce Lee with his Nanchaku. The picture above clearly indicates that the man in the video is not Bruce Lee, but his look alike who is of course good with his Nanchaku skills. The video below shows him performing couple of other stunts, like lighting a match stick with Nanchaku; also watch out for his original face. This ‘Bruce Lee’ ping pong video was interesting and it went viral, receiving over 1,000,000 views within 24 hours.

More importantly, the video showing look alike of Bruce Lee playing ping pong, i.e Table Tennis is not real either. If you watch closely, you will not find much synchronization of the ping pong ball with respect to the players, and does not look like a natural play, especially the Bruce Lee look alike’s sight not inline with the ball. It is highly impossible to play ping pong using Nunchaku with that kind of precision. The video is definitely a result of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), super imposing the ball with well directed act of ping pong play.

One way this can be established is by organizing a similar and normal ping pong match behind the black background, direct the players to act as if they are playing a game – without any actual ball, and then super imposing the ball using CGI later. Note that the background is clean and black which makes it easy to add stuff in between. Also note that this marketing video also won an award in Spikes Asia 2009, in the category ‘TV – Best Use of Film Direction’.

To conclude, this is neither Bruce Lee nor a real ping pong play with Nunchaku, but a good example to show illusion effects using CGI.

Hoax or Fact:



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