Fuel From Salt Water – Facts Analysis

Picture: Fuel From Salt Water
Fuel From Salt Water


A Series of messages and videos were circulating that claim that an inventor in the US has found a way to burn salt water with a radio-wave generator, and that can be used a fuel agent.



John Kanzius and his associate, Charlie Rutkowski were actually working on a radio-wave generator that could kill cancer cells. They accidentally discovered that the radio-wave generator can actually burn salt water, while they were experimenting the machine for desalination process.

The news video footage in the reference section show how ordinary salt water is ignited using a piece of paper towel as a wick. Chemists discovered that the heat breaks down the bond between hydrogen and oxygen in the salt water, producing fuel energy in the form of hydrogen.

However, this production of fuel by burning salt water is not practically easy and profitable, the radio wave generator consumes more energy that it produces. Read the article in reference section for further details.

Hoax or Fact:



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