Missed Calls From +375 Numbers – High Alert: Facts Analysis

Picture about High Alert - Must Share as Soon as Possible - Call From + 375 Number
High Alert - Must Share as Soon as Possible - Call From + 375 Number


**High Alert** 35 Lakh Cut … Share As Soon As Possible..
Read comment carefully one man saying that Ajish Nair “my.” but I don’t know he is saying true or not…for search his comment press Ctrl+F and type his name as “Ajish Nair” If not find then press previous comments

Must share as soon as possible..
Please take this very seriously. People have been receiving international calls from +375602605281 or any number starting from +375 number one ring & hang up. If you call back it’s one of those Numbers that are charged 15-30$ & they can copy ur contact list in 3 sec & if u have bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…But I don’t know abt stealing data from mobile…. But call is confirm…Because I have got it also..

Don’t answer or call back. Please forward this to your friends and family.

Picture about High Alert - Must Share as Soon as Possible - Call From + 375 Number
High Alert – Must Share as Soon as Possible – Call From + 375 Number

Other Versions

Urgent Very Urgent …❓

Please pass around to your family and friends…!!!

People have been receiving calls from






or any number starting from
+375, +371 number +381
One ring & hang up.

*If you call back, they can copy your contact list in 3 seconds
If U have bank or Credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

+375 is from Belarus.

+371 is code for Lativa.

+381 Serbia

+563- Valparaiso

+370- Vilnius

+255- Tanzania

These calls may under ISIS
Don’t answer or Call back.

Facts Analysis:

It is a fact that from the past few days, many subscribers have been receiving missed calls from unknown international numbers, especially starting with an international code of +375. The above warning messages started spreading right after couple of these incidents. The above warning has been mostly circulating around BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook, creating panic among mobile users. The story also claims that one you can be charges up to $15-30 per minute, and may even copy your bank account and credit card details from your phone. The story also mentions Ajish Nair who is believed to have lost 35 lacks from his bank account as a result of this call. However, most of these are hoax messages. This story is reported in Mid-Day.

Victim Stories

Vishal Bhatt, an employee from a leading media company who fell victim to this call said:

“I got a call on Saturday and on Tuesday. I then verified that the number belonged to Belarus. When I spoke to Vodafone about the call, they confirmed it was a faulty call. They also told me that it was Rs 15 that had been deducted when I tried returning the call and not $15 as per the warning message.”

Explaining this call phenomenon, Vijay Mukhi, an IT expert, said,

“It is impossible to copy someone’s contacts and bank details from a phone, without hacking into it. It is an old scam under the Priority Payment Number a computer program dials as many series of numbers as possible. There is one ring for giving a missed call. We believe it to be an international number and call back following which the service provider charges the caller for making an international call. The money thus charged is then paid to the company owning the number by the service provider. A portion of this money is then paid to the scammer by the company. So, the only advice is to never call back.”

Scam Calls from +375 and +92 Numbers

Note that scam calls and messages from international numbers starting from +375 and +92 have been reported earlier. They claimed that the mobile user has won big amounts like 550,000 pounds in some promo lottery, asking to send name & address of the winner to a particular email. That scam was intended only to trick users, get their personal details and cheat financially. So, it is quite clear that suspicious calls from international numbers starting with +375 and +92 are from scammers, and must not be responded.

Missed Calls Scam

This phenomenon of missed calls from suspicious numbers has become common in India, from the past January. Many Vodafone subscribers, especially in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh have complained about dubious missed calls from ISD numbers, like +22455xxxxx. People who tried to call back on these numbers were infact charged a whopping Rs.45 per minute. Airtel users too have complained about receiving missed calls from numbers starting with +92. Even some BSNL subscribers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have received calls from ISD numbers starting with +263xxxx and +960xxxxx, and were charged Rs.50/ per minute for calling back. This is a missed call technique used by scammers to trick users and get financial benefit from the mobile companies. Most of these dubious ISD calls will be from premium numbers, which are charged high when called back. Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL have infact issued a warning about it on their official websites.

Therefore, if you get international calls or messages from suspicious numbers like +375xxxx and +92xxxxx, discard the calls and do not respond to their messages. And the part of the story saying, copying your bank account and credit card details from your phone by a simple phone call is nothing but an exaggerated hoax.

Update: 06 Mar 2015

According to latest information, there are more reports of scam calls (or missed calls) from +92 numbers (Pakistan) mentioned above. Note the various other ways the scam callers from Pakistan (+92 numbers) can work to target unsuspecting mobile users:

  • Sale of branded and costly items for cheaper prices.
  • Calls about winning lotteries, IT & insurance refunds asking for bank details.
  • Callers pretend as bank representatives and ask for password or PIN numbers and other secured information.
  • Offer online jobs and ask for passport details.
  • Work from home advertisements asking for deposits.
  • Unknown persons try to sell gold at cheap rates. Some even try to sell black coated money that they say will become dollars when dipped in chemicals.

Picture about High Alert - Must Share as Soon as Possible - Call From + 375 Number

In all these cases, communication through phone or email should be avoided.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


Mid Day report
Vodafone warning
Airtel warning
BSNL warning
Alert! Don’t take calls starting with +92

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