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iPhone 5 Amazing Features


Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video.

The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap from the iPhone 4S with Siri, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today.



iPhone 5 is the much anticipated mobile phone from Apple which is expected to release this year. Many rumors about iPhone 5 have been circulating since then, talking about the advance features of this latest version of iPhone. The message in the above story also comes with a YouTube video that went viral over the internet.

The first feature that the message talks about is the sleeker iPhone design, which is a probable fact, considering the changes in the earlier models of iPhones. iPhone 5 is expected to have entirely new casing like it was in iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4. The other rumored features of iPhone 5 are laser keyboard and holographic display, which is probably a hoax, because they are high-end technologies that are not useful for common people. This is simply a ‘concept video’ that was actually developed by Aatma Studio as a part of their marketing campaign.

Apple generally does not release any details and specifications of their devices until they release the device publicly. All these and many more are mostly speculations and rumors around iPhone 5, to keep the mobile users anticipated. However, according to Tech Radar, Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have many extensive features, including quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, new dock connector, new design, larger 4-inch screen, high-res display, digital wallet – NFC and 8-10 MP HD camera. You may find related iPhone 5 pictures on Business Insider. The price is expected to be around £500 (780 USD) for a 16GB/32GB model iPhone.

The latest talk is that iPhone 5 can be released on coming August 7 as against the Apple’s traditional october launch. This change is believed to have happened to combat their strong rival, Samsung Galaxy S3. Check us back for timely updates.


After several speculations about the release of iPhone 5, Apple released its newest innovation on September 12th 2012. Apart from many rumors surrounding this latest iPhone series, iPhone 5 comes with 16:9, 4-inch Retina Display, smaller new port, Ultrafast Wireless, Fourth Generation / Long Term Evolution and a thinner, lighter Aluminum design. You can read its complete details, pricing and availability on Apple’s official website here.

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