Memory Cards at Low Cost can have Less Speed – Facts Analysis

Picture: Memory Cards at Low Cost can have Less Speed
Memory Cards at Low Cost can have Less Speed


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Memory card and pen drive getting in a cheap rate?
Speed Less? Be cautious!
Check out the class of memory before you buy!

Class    Minimum performance 
Class 2          2 MB/sec
Class 4          4 MB/sec
Class 6          6 MB/sec
Class 10      10 MB/sec


The message warns users to check and verify the speed class of memory cards before buying the cheap ones, claiming that they can have less speeds. It is a fact.

The performance speed of a SD (Secure Digital) memory card is a measure of how quickly information can be read from, or written to it. Speed class rating is the official measurement of speed of memory card, defined by the SD Association, that guarantees a minimum rate at which data can be written to the card. Good quality memory cards will have read and write speeds exceeding this minimum specified value. This speed class rating is specified on the memory cards as mentioned in the message, ranging from Class 2 (2 MB/sec), the slowest to Class 10 (10 MB/sec), the fastest.

Applications that need sustained writing speeds throughput, like video recording, will not perform satisfactorily if the SD memory card’s class rating falls below a certain speed. For example, a video camcorder built for a Class 10 memory card may suffer significant dropouts or corrupted video recording when a slower card is used. Digital cameras as well experience noticeable lag between shots while writing pictures to a slower card. So it is important to choose the right memory card for your device needs, especially when you are going to buy the cheap ones that can be of slower speed classes. This speed class rating will help you choose the right memory card and help you avoid low speed, cheap cards. Mentioned below is the class suitability for different applications:

Class 2 – SD video recording
Class 4 and 6 – HD / Full HD video recording,
Class 10 – Full HD video recording and HD still consecutive recording
UHS (Ultra High Speed) Speed Class 1 – Real-time broadcasts and large-size HD videos

However, if you are using a standard-definition pocket camcorder or a point-and-shoot digital camera, speed class of the memory card won’t matter much.

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