Plane Landing on Pickup Truck – Video – Facts Analysis

Picture about Plane Landing on Pickup Truck - Video
Plane Landing on Pickup Truck - Video


Plane Landing on Pickup Truck:

This is a widely circulated video that shows a pickup truck catching the front part of a landing passenger plane with a failed landing gear, thereby saving the Plane and the passengers from a disaster.

Facts Analysis:

This viral video was widely circulating on YouTube and other popular social media sites, claiming it to be a real life saving incident. The video footage looks so real to be fake. It shows a Jet Plane with a failed landing gear, trying to land safely, and a Nissan pick up truck comes from no where in the run way to catch the front part of the plane and help it land safely, thereby saving the passenger plane crashing. Let us find out about the video of Plane Landing on Pickup Truck and learn if it is real or not.

Plane Landing on Pickup Truck?

The video is not a real footage, it is a cleverly made commercial advertisement for Nissan Frontier truck. The video below shows the original commercial advertisement.


As you can see the disclaimer in the video: Fictionalization. Do not attempt. Nissan Frontier’s tag line is “Nissan Frontier is a mid-size truck that acts like a full size, giving the driver the feeling they can tackle any obstacle.” This concept was shown in the form of failed landing plane manipulated footage by TBWA\Chiat\Day, the Los Angeles based ad agency. They made it look real developing the ad in the form of a News coverage. You can see the complete details about the advertisement in the reference section.

Any such real incident of a plane landing on pick up truck like that will simply crush the truck into pieces, causing damage to both truck and the plane. Therefore, the manipulated story is simply a hoax, and not a fact.

Hoax or Fact:



Nissan Frontier Advertisement

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Prashanth Damarla