Popcorn Cellphone Trick Really Works – Facts Analysis

Picture about Popcorn Cellphone Trick Really Works
Popcorn Cellphone Trick Really Works


This is yet another viral video that was widely circulated through YouTube, emails and social media. The video shows that Cell phone radiation and vibration has enough energy and heat to make popcorn.


The video showing how to make popcorn using the radiation of cell phones is a very bad prank, to mislead people. Cell phones do use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, but their radiation is very minute in strength and in no way can make popcorn. The people who started this cell phone popcorn hoax must have either manipulated the video or employed a simple trick of technology to make the video look real and fool people.

As the above video shows, one can use a magnetron from a microwave machine and hide it secretly below the table having corn and cell phones. As the hidden magnetron trick starts working on the corn, one can easily fool others that cell phone radiation has made the popcorn. It is important to note here that handling a microwave can be dangerous.

Therefore, cell phones making popcorn is a hoax, it is not possible. The videos were actually a part of a viral marketing campaign started by a US-Based Bluetooth technology company called Cardo Wireless. The video above shows the CEO of Cardo explaining about the campaign.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla