100 shares can get Free Heart Transplant Surgery! – Facts Analysis

Picture about 100 shares can get Free Heart Transplant Surgery!
100 shares can get Free Heart Transplant Surgery!


A picture of a kid lying on a hospital bed has been spreading rapidly online. It says, ” If this little boy gets 100 shares he can get his heart transplant for free.”



The message saying that the kid needs a heart transplant, and that it can be be done free by getting 100 Facebook shares of the picture is a complete hoax. The picture of the boy dates back to 2008, and is actually a part of chernobyl heart surgery mission, where a volunteer surgical team completed the second successful children’s heart surgery mission in Ukraine.

One can not get any kind of free treatment or free heart transplant surgery based on the number of shares a pictures gets on Facebook or any other social platform. This picture was also used to circulate another hoax about free medical care in Bangalore.

No hospital, charity or any other medical institution can put any kind of conditions for surgery, at least not by the number of shares a picture gets. It is immoral, would be considered life threatening and goes against law.

This particular picture which surprisingly has more than a million shares, was first shared by Karli Luke, an advisor from Georgia, who must have been informed about the hoax, but still refused to remove it.

Facebook is a perfect platform for spreading these kinds of insensible viral rumors, so please avoid sharing these kind of insensitive hoax messages.

Hoax or Fact:



chernobyl heart surgery mission

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Prashanth Damarla