Bitstrips App Secret NSA Trojan Horse?

Picture about Bitstrips App Secret NSA Trojan Horse?
Bitstrips App Secret NSA Trojan Horse?


Bitstrips, the cartoon generation app is actually a secret spying tool implemented by the NSA.

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Bitstrips app is secretly NSA Trojan horse to access your private data.


Messages circulating online, mostly through Facebook, claim that the famous cartoon creation app Bitstrips is actually a Trojan horse and a secret spying tool implemented by National Security Agency (NSA) to access the user’s private data. It is said that the secretive information was revealed by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor. Those are not facts!

Satirical Source

The messages circulating online actually referred to an article on Call The Cops website with a similar title that was published on 9 November 2013. The article claims that when users agree to the terms and conditions of Bitstrips and other such apps during installation, the NSA tricks people into giving away legal access to their Facebook accounts and cell phones. Further, it is also said that the people who do not use Bitstrips may be giving the NSA access while liking and sharing another user’s Bitstrips. These are not facts. The article basically comes from a satirical, fictitious and humor website Call The Cops, as mentioned in their ‘About Us‘ section:

So the cartoon creation app Bitstrips is not a Trojan created by the NSA, the article from which the claim originated is a satirical website. Well, this is not the first time a satirical article of this sort gained wide attention of people.

Hoax or Fact:


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