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Boy Shot By Step Dad


The message claims that, every time the message is shared, AT&T, Verizon or Facebook will donate money to help pay for surgery of a 14 year old boy who was shot six times by his stepfather while trying to protect his young sister.

Couple of versions of the story:

14 Year Old Boy Was Shot 6 Times By His Stepfather,this Boy Was Protecting His Little 2 Years Old Sister Who Was About To Be Raped By This Poor Excuse Of A Man.the Little Girl Did Not Get Hurt Thanks To Her Brave Older Brother.their Mom Was @ Work When All This This Brave Young Man Is Fighting For His Life ,but Doctors Say He Will Not Survive Unless He Gets An Operation Which Is Very Costful And Which His Mom Cannot Pay.all Facebook Companies Have Agreed To Donate 45 Cents For Every Time Someone Posts This To Their Wall,so Please Paste And Pass This On So That Together We Can Help Save This Boys Life.

Last friday a 14 yr old boy was shot 6 times by his step dad. The boy was protecting his 2 yr old sister, in whom the step dad was attempting to rape. The young girl was not harmed, bc of that young mans courage & loyalty to his sister. The mom was at work during this time. The 14 yr old boy is now fighting for his life, and the doctors say he will not make it unless he has this life saving surgery in which the boys mom cant afford. So At&t has agreed to donate $0.45 every time this msg is sent. So fwd & help save a life!


This message claims that you can help the mother of a severely injured 14 year old boy shot by step father by paying for life saving surgery simply by forwarding the message to others.

The story has been circulating via mobile phone text messages and Facebook. The message claims that the brave boy was shot six times by his violent stepfather while attempting to protect his 2 year old sister from being raped. According to the text, communications giant AT&T has agreed to pay 45 cents to help the child each time the message is shared. Another version talks about donating $12 for every text message and adding another company, Verizon, as the donators. The boy shot seems to be identified as “Dominic James Daggner” in second version.

No legitimate company, including these AT&T, Verizon and Facebook, is ever likely to get into such unfair means of donations, because if they do it, they will be conceived for haphazard fund raising. There is no incident recorded about “Dominic James Daggner” being shot by his step father, even if it happened, sharing the message online will not raise a single cent for the victim.

Most of the messages claiming that a company or organization will donate money and help the sick or injured when you forward or repost the message are definitely hoax. So when you hear any such messages, please do not encourage them without proper knowledge. You should in fact inform the related people that it is just a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla