Facebook Share Pays Money for Cancer Baby’s Surgery: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Facebook Share Pays Money for Cancer Baby's Surgery
Facebook Share Pays Money for Cancer Baby's Surgery


Your One Facebook Share Pays Money to this Child!

This little baby has cancer and he need money for surgery
Facebook has decided to help by giving
1 Like = 2 dollars . 1 Comment = 4 dollars . One Share = 8 dollars,
Please dont scroll down without typing Ameen

Fact Check:

A story spreading heavily on Facebook shows couple of pictures of a little Baby, allegedly having Cancer and needing money for Surgery. It is said that the social media site Facebook has decided to help the baby by donating 2 dollars for liking the story, 4 dollars for comment, and 8 dollars for sharing it. So readers are asked to help the child by doing same. The claim is a hoax, Facebook usually does not donate money for liking, commenting or sharing a sensitive post like that.

Origin of Story

On 12 October 2016 Hindi humor-based Facebook page ‘Oye ek joke sunega 😛‘ posted the sensitive story in question, asking users to help the Cancer surgery of the Baby by liking, commenting and sharing the story on Facebook. Sadly, the little boy in pictures appears to be suffering from a severe eye related infection. So, the Facebook post soon garnered several thousands of likes, comments and shares.

About the Pictures of Boy

The pictures of the little boy appeared online earlier in September 2016 on website ok.ru, in an Islam related prayers group. Translation of the Turkish description of the post appears to suggest the mother of the child was only requesting prayers for the healing of her child.

Similar False Stories Claiming Facebook Share Pays Money

In past a very similar story on Facebook showed picture of a Baby with Tumor developed around her left ear, saying she has Brain tumor and needed money for surgery.

Facebook Picture Sharing Donates Money to a Brain Tumor Baby – Hoax Analysis

In both cases, the claims that Facebook shall donate money for surgeries of the children based on number of likes, comments and shares the posts get on the social media platform are simply baseless and hoaxes. They are in fact like-farming scams that need not be shared and spread to others.

On the other hand, there are many stories like this in circulation on Facebook. They allege to show picture(s) of a little boy/girl suffering with some sort of medical condition. They also say one share of the post will help Facebook donate one dollar amount to the child.

Picture Suggesting Facebook Share Pays Money for Cancer Baby's Surgery

She gets a dollar for every pic that’s shared on messenger it goes towards her kidney transplant…. you gotta share plz she is my neighbors kid

Please SHARE.. she is waiting for a kidney transplant and gets $1 for every share

Again, these are false claims. Facebook does not usually donate money based on sharing a post on the social media platform.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla