Get Newly Introduced Facebook Dislike Button: Scam

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Get Newly Introduced Facebook Dislike Button


Get newly introduced facebook dislike button on your profile.
Dislike Button is invite only feature.

Other Versions

1. Activate newly introduced facebook dislike button on your profile.

2. Take this survey and get Facebook’s Dislike button!


Various messages seen online, especially on the social networking website Facebook, claim that users can now get and activate the newly introduced Facebook Dislike button by following a link or certain steps like liking/sharing a page/post, taking surveys etc. There are also Facebook pages that come with certain instructions for users to do and get the special, early access to the Dislike button. No, they are not facts.

Screenshot to Get Newly Introduced Facebook Dislike Button
Get Newly Introduced Facebook Dislike Button

The Facebook Dislike button is not available in any form as of this writing, no such app is available either. The stories mentioned above are just hoaxes and scams that work in the form of surveys, sales advertisements like get-rich-quick schemes, or free software downloads. They can ask the user to provide his personal information that they can sell to others, and in case of downloads, it can be some kind of malware or rogue applications. With pages looking similar to Facebook, the scammers can also steal the login credentials of users.

Screenshot of Facebook Dislike Button Scam
Facebook Dislike Button Scam

About Facebook Dislike Button

Since few years, many Facebook users have been requesting for the “Dislike” button feature so as to down vote a sad, unhealthy or unwanted post shared on Facebook. On 15 September 2015, during a question and answer session, Facebook’s co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg revealed the ongoing tests on a similar feature. But Mark made it clear that they want the new feature to actually “express empathy” without “down-voting” the content quickly. The scams around the Facebook dislike button were also present earlier, they surfaced again after Mark Zuckerberg mentioned they are working on a similar feature.

So do not click on any post on Facebook that claims you can get an official Facebook Dislike button; it is not available as of this writing. Once the feature is available in any such form, it will be rolled out through official Facebook channels.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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