Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing: Hoax

Picture about Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing
Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing


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+91 8439345928
i’m deepali agrawal
k.r degree college, mathura.
nenu law chadhuvthunanu, oka accident lo na 2 eyes pogotukuna, operation kosam eyes transplant cheyataniki 8 lakhs avthundhi…

meeru ee message ni forward share chesthey naku 10 paisa per share(whats app nunchi) vasthundhi,

okaveyla ee sms joking anipisthey, paina echina naa parents phone number ki call chesi adagavachu…

if, meeru free aithey plzzz share cheyandi…
(plz dnt neglect diz msg, help me) GOD will help you…

(frnds ee msg UP nunchi hindi lo vachindhi & mana vallaki easy ga ardhamavatam kosam language(telugu) translate chesanu… so, meeku istam vuntey share chayandi but jokes matram veyodhu & it’s trueee msg)


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Plz share this and Help !
+91 8439345928
I m deepali agrawal
K.r diggri college,mathura.
Mai law kar rahi hu,ek accident me mere dono ankhein chali gai, Operation k liye ankhon ki transplant cost hai Rs 8 Lakh,mei
apko nahi janti per Aap agar yeh message aage share karenge to
mujhe 10 paise per share(Facebook se) milega,
agar aap sochte hai ki yeh ek joking sms hai to uper diye gaye No.per mere parents se baat ker sakte hai.
Agar aap free ho to plz share jrur karna.
(Plz is msg ko neglect mat karna, Help me) GOD HELP U.
Share it maximum guys apka to koi paisa nahi lagega but kisi ko life mil jayegi


This is a picture that’s been shared heavily online since few years and comes with a ‘sentimental’ story that the girl Deepali Agrawal, a law student in Mathura (India), has lost both her eyes in an accident and needs 8 lakh rupees for her transplant surgery. The message states that the girl will receive 10 paisa per share on WhatsApp/Facebook and requests users to do the same. Let us see if the said claim is fact or simply a hoax.

Popular Story

The story and incident in question has been circulating widely on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Google+. The picture message garnered thousands of shares on Facebook, like on this Telugu Facebook page ‘Love is Blind‘. Notably, the same kind of story is seen with another name Deepti Sharma from another college S.n. medical college; with another girl’s picture (shown in Image Gallery). Again, along with thousands of shares, there were some questions raised about the authenticity of the incident.

Picture about Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing
Girl Lost Her Eyes in Accident, Needs Money Through Photo Sharing
Screenshot of website showing the mobile number details
Screenshot of website showing the mobile number details


The mobile number mentioned in the message +91 8439345928 is a TATA Docomo number in Uttar Pradesh (Mathura belongs here) state of India, but some people who called the number back then either found it switched off or not reachable. The girl shown as Deepti Sharma in another version of the story is in fact Indian actress and model Monal Gajjar. Coming to the picture of girl Deepali Agrawal in question, it has been used in many fake social networking profiles since at least 3 years. There are no credible news reports validating the claims in the story. All this clearly concludes to saying that someone stole the girl’s picture from internet and attached a beautiful, heart-touching hoax story to it – probably as a part of like-farming scam on Facebook. Needless to say, Facebook/WhatsApp donating money for simple sharing of a picture/story this way are just outrageous lies. Misusing pictures of girls stolen from internet is unethical too. Do not encourage such useless photo/story sharing.

Hoax or Fact:


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