Guy Rolls Down Hill in Tire Towards Car, Video: Fact Check

Image about Guy Rolls Down Hill in Tire Towards Car, Video
Guy Rolls Down Hill in Tire Towards Car, Video


Heart-Stopping Video – Guy Rolls Down Hill in Tire Towards Car

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Going down a hill in an inner tube.
This could have gone so wrong but it went sooo right!

Fact Check:

A heart-stopping video popular online alleges to show a Guy Inside a Tire Tube Rolls Down Hill towards a Car. It shows a terrifying moment when the daredevil rolling down hill in an inflatable ring is almost Hit by a Passing Car. The video viral since August 2018 is not real – it is an advertisement for Volkswagen Polo.

About the Video Showing Guy Rolls Down Hill Inside Tube

The video starts showing the young man sitting inside a black inflatable tire tube as two friends push him down the hill. The tire and the man appear to roll down the hill, luckily escaping the hit of a car passing on road before plunging into the pool of water. After couple of seconds, the man appears to come out of the water – expressing joy over the ‘victorious’ feat. In the first place, the video reminds us of somewhat similar viral video from past. It showed Megawoosh – an unbelievable long-distance waterslide feat. It happened to be a viral advertisement for Microsoft’s Office Suite Project 2007.

Apart from many viewers on social media, Instagram user James Straker shared the extreme tire tube video on 13th August 2018. He said his buddy’s nephew was messing around with his mates and the dude inside tube is lucky to escape from the car hit.

Volkswagen Polo Advertisement

Yes, the video is again a viral advertisement for Volkswagen Polo Car. Creative Agency DDB Sydney in fact made the heart-stopping viral video to promote safety-packed Volkswagen Polo Car with City Emergency Brake. RIOT Content marketed the viral advertisement. In other words, the staged video is analogy to show the car breaks just on time to save the certain accident. Note, the end of the video advertisement below carries the tagline – Live less drama.

There’s another video from the marketing campaign showing a man shooting out from a thrilling water slide. Surprisingly, he falls right onto an inflatable tire in pool.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla