Stolen Facebook Photos of a Girl Misused, Family Commits Suicide: Facts

Picture about Stolen Facebook Photos of a Girl Misused, Family Commits Suicide
Stolen Facebook Photos of a Girl Misused, Family Commits Suicide


What Happen When You Upload Your Picture In Facebook Plz Open It And Read It Carefully

This Girl In The Picture Is Sushmita.

She Uploaded Her Photo In FB. One Guy Saved All Her Photos And Made A Fake Account By Her Name And Annouced That She Is A Call Girl. This Girl Comes From Very Decent Family That Guy Spread This News Everywhere In The City When Her Family And She Heard This News… They Could Not Take This Shocking News And Whole Family Committed Suicide At The Same Time.

A Big Request To All My Sister And Friends In FB, Please Dont Upload Your Original Picture. If You Uploading Make Sure That Only Your Good Freinds Can See Your Photos..

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Other Versions

(Hindi) Is ladki ka naam sushmita hai isne fb pe apna photo upload kiya tha . kisi ladke ne iski photo save karke google me iski profile call girl ki list me dal diya . ye ladki ek achi family ki bahot decent ladki thi. . us ladke ne pure city me phaila diya ki ye call girl hai. . jab ye baat us ladki aur uski family ko malum hui to us ladki ke sath uski puri family ne suicide kar liya.

ye hai fb ki duniya . its our hamble request to all girls please don’t upload ur photo on fb…

plz share to all if u CARE…


This is a picture message that has been circulating on Facebook and other social media platforms since few years now. It claims to show a family of three who have committed suicide hanging themselves – after the girl named Sushmita’s photos were supposedly stolen from Facebook and ‘misused’. It is not a fact.

About the Claim

The story that circulates with the picture says that the girl Sushmita uploaded her photos on Facebook, from where a guy stole them all and created a fake account on her name — announcing that she is a call girl. Further, it is said that, the girl, who supposedly comes from a decent family, were all shocked to hear this news that spread everywhere in the city – because of which they committed the suicide at the same time. The story also warns girls on Facebook not to upload their original photos and make sure to choose only good friends to see them. Fortunately, the said story is not a fact!

Facts about the Picture

The picture in question was originally shared on on 21 March 2007 by Shailendra Pandey, a National Photo Editor working for Patrika Group in India. The photo is titled “Triple Suicide – Mother, Son and daughter“. From the Editor, we learnt that the photo was taken around 2003 or 2004 (before Facebook came into being in early 2004) in Moradabad, in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It shows a mother, son and daughter all three hanging in what was reported  as suicide by police after the initial investigation.

To Conclude

The picture in question does show a mother, son and daughter hanging in a reported suicide, but it is no way related to stealing photos of the girl from Facebook and misusing them. The incident happened before Facebook was present, so the claim in the story is out of context, fabricated one. Sharing such hoax stories will only spread unwarranted fears. Having said that, as detailed in our article here, as a safety measure, it is certainly advisable for girls to be careful while sharing their pictures on Facebook and other social networking platforms.

Hoax or Fact:


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