8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala: Facts

Picture Suggesting 8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala
8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala


He was just 8 years old

A person injected with communal venom can do anything. They won’t even spare a child.
At Kalliyott near Kanjangad in Kasargod, an eight year old boy was killed by RSS activist Vijayan. It is a telling story of how the communal venom spitting speeches of Sanghparivar leaders can turn human beings into animals. Muhammad Fahad was hacked to death while he was on his way to school. Vijayan, after killing his neighbor’s son boasted, “I have killed a rat and left it there”.

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Brutal murder of 8 year old boy by the RSS terrorists in Kerala

Picture Suggesting 8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala
8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala


Warning: Graphic content in this article. Reader discretion advised.

A disturbing story shared online purports to show a horrible murder of an eight year old boy Muhammad Fahad, who was allegedly killed by an RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) activist Vijayan. The incident that happened in Kasargod, a town in Kerala State of India, is described as an example of ‘how the communal venom spitting speeches of Sangh Parivar leaders can turn human beings into animals’. It is a fact that the 8 year old boy was murdered by the said man Vijayan, but the reasons do not appear to be communal or related to RSS/Sangh Parivar activities.

Picture of Murdered Boy Muhammad Fahad
Murdered Boy Muhammad Fahad

About the Murder Incident

In July 2015, when the 8 year old boy Muhammad Fahad was going to school at Kannoth, near Kallyot in Kasargod, his neighbour Vijayan attacked him with Knife, on his head and throat. The boy, who was accompanied by his little sister and another child, died on the spot. Upon their screaming, locals rushed to the spot, chased Vijayan and caught him. They tied him to a tree and beat him before handing him over to the Bekal police who arrested him. The video shows a Malayalam language news report of the tragic murder incident.

Actual Facts: Reasons Behind Murder

The murderer Vijayan is said to be BJP loyalist and an activist for RSS/Sangh Parivar, who used to take part in protests. The murder of the eight year old boy is portrayed as a communal violence, which as a matter of fact, does not appear to be the case exactly. A senior police official said that Vijayan was earlier booked for making a bomb hoax call to a nearby railway station. Vijayan was let off because he was – mentally ill, and was reportedly sent for psychiatric treatment at hospital.

Picture of Murderer Vijayan
Murderer Vijayan

The murder victim boy Mohammed Fahad was the son of Vijayan’s neighborhood couple Abbas and Ayesha, the residents of Periya Kaliyath. Police investigation into the murder revealed that Vijayan nurtured a grudge against the boy’s father Abbas, and unable to target him, he chose to attack his son to settle old scores. Vijayan used to earn his livelihood by peeling coconuts, and developed a grudge against Abbas, an auto rickshaw driver. When Vijayan was arrested for hoax bomb call and later sent for psychiatrist treatment, upon release, he used to tell people that he was arrested after being tipped off by Abbas. When his photo appeared in newspapers, again Vijayan blamed Abbas saying he had provided the photo to the media. And just few days before the murder of the boy, when Vijayan’s pet cat died, he had passed the blame on Abbas and had an altercation with him.

So looks like, the murderer Vijayan – who was mentally ill – worked for RSS/Sangh Parivar earlier, taking part in protests, but he murdered the eight year old boy Muhammad Fahad out of personal grudge he developed with the boy’s father.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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