Fake Digital Pads in ATMs as a Skimming Device to Steal Information

Picture about Fake Digital Pads in ATMs as a Skimming Device to Steal Information
Fake Digital Pads in ATMs as a Skimming Device to Steal Information


Be Careful!!! New scamming system….Digital pad that stores & reads card data!

Other Versions

1. Yo here’s friends new method to your data to come! No longer the card slot is gefaked, but the keypad! It has a small store which has enough space for some login data! Share it with your friends! In the meantime you must times look whether the keypad is properly seated! Thank you

2. (German)
Yo Hier Freunde neue Methode um an eure Daten zu kommen! Nicht mehr der Karten Schlitz wird gefaked, sondern das Tastenfeld! Es hat nen kleinen Speicher der genug Platz für einige Logindaten hat! Teilt es mit euren Freunden! Zwischendurch müsst ihr mal gucken ob das Tastenfeld richtig fest sitzt!! Danke


The messages come with a picture showing the genuine keypad of an ATM covered by a fake one, claiming that it is used as a skimming device, i.e. as a means to record and steal the data of your card without your knowledge. It is a fact. Such a scam has been happening in various ways, in many parts of the world, including U.S and Europe.

Picture of Counterfeit Device on ATM Machine
Counterfeit Device on ATM Machine

What is Skimming

Skimming is a secret and high-tech form of theft targeting ATM machines, where in the thieves use hidden electronic devices to steal the personal information on your card and also record the PIN number to have access to the money in your account.

Picture about Fake Digital Pads in ATMs as a Skimming Device to Steal Information
Fake Digital Pads in ATMs as a Skimming Device to Steal Information

This skimming process needs two separate components to work, one, a card reader to scan and store all the information of your card on a magnetic strip, and two, a means to record your PIN number that you type in the ATM machine. Thieves generally place a fake card reader over the ATM’s real card slot, so that when you slide your card into it, you are unknowingly allowing the counterfeit device to scan your card information (Refer to the picture in image section below). For recording your PIN number, thieves generally use tiny hidden cameras on, overhead, or near the ATM machine where you type in. Lately, for the same scam purpose, the high-tech thieves are using a fake type in pad placed over the real ATM pad as told in the story. The last picture in the image section below shows one such fake type in keypad to record your PIN number. Once the scammers get both these information, they can easily clone your card and steal your money.

Picture of Fake Type in Keypad to record your PIN number
Fake Type in Keypad to record your PIN number

How to Avoid and Be Safe

There are reports that such a scam has been happening from at least 2007, in various parts of the world, and this skimming became a serious concern over subsequent years. The video above is a fox news report of such a crime. It should also be noted that apart from the ATM machines, this kind of fraud can even happen in case of swiping machines when you hand over your card while shopping. So it is very important to be cautious while handling your money through cards. Mentioned below are few safety measures to follow when you are using an ATM or related machine for money:

  • Check if the card slot portion is sticking out or appears suspicious.
  • Check for any hidden camera or mirror near the keypad.
  • While shopping, be careful to watch your card being swiped, and avoid letting them walk away with your card.
  • If your card is getting stuck or is not returned by the reader, report it immediately and call the help desk.
  • Be very careful with ATM machines in remote areas, as scammers can easily employ such tactics to steal your card information from there.
  • It is also a good idea to use the same ATM machine as far as possible. This way you can recognize if there are any suspicious changes in and around the machine.

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How does ATM skimming work?

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