Do Not Sit On Your Wallet – It Hurts Your Back – Facts Analysis

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Picture Warning Do Not Sit On Your Wallet – It Hurts Your Back
Do Not Sit On Your Wallet – It Hurts Your Back


Do Not Sit On Your Wallet – It Hurts Your Back

Men having a habit of putting their wallets in back pocket and sitting on them hurt their pelvic bone, lower back and spine that can cause damage in long run.


It is a common practice for men to put their wallets in back pocket and sit on them for hours together, unaware of the fact that it is not good for their back health and is going to hurt. The story is a fact, it is a common sense in fact.

When you sit with your wallet in your hip pocket, it is equivalent to walking with only one shoe in your feet. Just like one shoe creates imbalance in your posture, sitting on your wallet in your back pocket creates an unleveled surface between the chair and your cheek. This imbalance and the pressure developed thereafter can create pain and trouble for your bones, muscles and also the nervous system.

As shown in the picture, your pelvic bone struggles to maintain its natural leveled posture and the centered support that it is supposed to give your subordinate spine, lower back and your skull. This effect in long term can be damaging to your key nerves, spine health, and can lead to back pain and even sciatica. Many such cases have been reported these days, and Physiotherapists say that the main reason behind such cases is the men’s habit of sitting on their wallets in back pocket. This condition is commonly referred to as – hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy, which also leads to pain or numbness in the lower leg, ankle or foot. Lying down, walking and even sitting becomes extremely painful for such people, and they tend to find relief only when they stand still.

Therefore, it is important to avoid this harmful habit of sitting with your wallet in your back pocket. People who have this troubling condition should first seek physiotherapy help. The simple and best way to avoid all this trouble, however, is to take out your wallet from back pocket and place it in an alternative place, like your jacket pocket, and always make sure to sit on a leveled chair that gives comfort to your back bone and spine. This way your pelvis bone and the musculoskeletal structures above it will stay healthy in long run.

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Is your wallet a pain in the back?

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