Jimmy Carter Announced Medical Marijuana Cured his Cancer: Facts

Picture of Jimmy Carter Announced Medical Marijuana Cured his Cancer
Jimmy Carter Announced Medical Marijuana Cured his Cancer


Jimmy Carter makes an Exciting Announcement: “Medical Marijuana Cured My Cancer”.

Other Versions

1. Jimmy Carter Thanks Medical Marijuana for Curing his Cancer.

2. Jimmy Carter said that medical marijuana cured his cancer.


These stories that became popular online say the Former U.S. Democratic President Jimmy Carter has made an exciting announcement that Medical Marijuana has Cured his Cancer. Yes, it is a fact that Jimmy Carter was diagnosed of Cancer (melanoma) in his liver and brain, and he also announced that he was “cancer-free,” but he did not credit it to Medical Marijuana.

Picture of Jimmy Carter Announced Medical Marijuana Cured his Cancer
Jimmy Carter Announced Medical Marijuana Cured his Cancer

Origin of Claims

The stories in question originated from an article on website Satira Tribune (satiratribune.com) published on 6 December 2015, with the title ‘Jimmy Carter Thanks Medical Marijuana For Curing His Cancer‘. According to the article, the former President seems to have said medical marijuana had cured his cancer in only 5 months, and he thanked his doctors and family for their support. In December 2015 Carter did announce that he was “cancer-free,” but did not credit medical marijuana. Satira Tribune is in fact a satirical news website only meant for entertainment. Although the Satira Tribune website does not have any about information or disclaimer, their Facebook page clearly says they are “Satirical news for satirical folk”. Satira means Satire in Latin. The part of the article saying “Carter would smoke a joint in the morning, smoke a joint at night, smoke a joint in the afternoon to make him feel alright” is an indication of the same.

About Jimmy Carter’s ‘Cancer Cure’

After doctors found cancer in liver and brain of Jimmy Carter, they removed the entire liver tumor, and later he was given a new Immunotherapy Drug called Pembrolizumab, which has shown exciting results in cancer treatment. Instead of killing cancer cells, the immunotherapy drugs boost the immune system of body to do the job. According to the doctors who treated the former President, it is possible that pembrolizumab has cleared the cancer in Jimmy Carter’s brain, but they also mentioned that the drug is so new that they cannot know how likely a recurrence is or when that might occur. Another concern being, the cancer in 91 years old Jimmy Carter actually spread from his brain to the liver, so there is the possibility of further spread in his body.

As for the claims that Jimmy Carter thanked Medical Marijuana for Curing his Cancer, they are simply hoaxes originating from a satirical publication.

Hoax or Fact:


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