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Ultimate Batting Practice


This amazing Youtube video of ultimate batting practice shows a Dude smashing pitch backs of baseball hitting as in a video game. It looks impossible, but realistic baseball hitting.


This video on Youtube is an amazing one with great editing. It shows a guy hitting baseballs at pitch back nets in an unbelievable way, calling it as ultimate batting practice. It looks so real that many believed it to be real, but it is not a fact. We have found certain aspects in the video making which prove that it is not a real one.

Firstly, the ball hits the same spot of the first screen every time, which is close to impossible. The shadows of all the nets look out of place. The background is completely stable throughout the video, while there should have been some kind of shaking with the kind of recording shown in the video. The second guy who tosses the ball does not follow the ball after the first run and looks around randomly. Lastly, the screen on the extreme right side shows the same re-bounce movement while the ball hits it every time.

All these facts prove that the ultimate batting practice video is not a fact. It is an edited one, a hoax video that went viral.

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Joel Department, Easton Sports – Ultimate Batting Practice


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