Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man’s Spirit Leaving His Body: Facts

Image about Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man's Spirit Leaving His Body
Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man's Spirit Leaving His Body


Chilling photo from fatal crash shows a man’s spirit leaving his body.

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1. Photo at fatal Kentucky crash shows spirit leaving body.

2. Fatal crash photo shows spirit leaving body.


A chilling photograph from a fatal Kentucky crash incident doing rounds online shows a greyish-white figure that is said to be the victim man’s Spirit leaving his body. The photograph, taken from across the highway divider, shows two ambulances, a police car and some other people gathered around what looks like an accident scene. So let us analyze whether or not the white smeary figure pointed in the photograph is the victim’s spirit leaving his body.

Image about Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man's Spirit Leaving His Body
Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man’s Spirit Leaving His Body

Origin of Story

On 13 July 2016, a user Saul Vazquez posted the photograph in question on Facebook saying he took the picture of the accident scene between Campton and Stanton in Kentucky from the cab of his truck. He asked viewers to zoom into the picture and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat and hinted if it could be a spirit leaving a man’s body. Because of the paranormal claims associated with the mysterious figure, the picture went viral online soon, and was also mentioned in many news outlets. Social media users speculating about the spirit of the victim started discussing whether there is life after death.

Actual Facts

According to local station LEX 18 website that reported the story, a person on motorcycle crashed at the scene on Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky on the afternoon of 12 July 2016. Notably, officials told that the accident victim man was taken to a hospital where he died of injuries later – not at the accident scene. So the claim that the mysterious appearance in the photograph could be the man’s spirit leaving his body becomes questionable. When LEX 18 asked Saul Vazquez about the authenticity of the picture, he supposedly said the photo has not been altered. According to his Facebook profile information, the photographer Saul Vazquez happens to be the C.E.O, Founder and owner of a Transport company.

As you can see in some such similar stories listed in Related Section below, there have been many such ghost and spirit claims in the past that were explained to be hoaxes. Like shown in the second picture of Image Gallery, when you look carefully at the zoomed in version of the picture, you will notice the mysterious ‘spirit’ appearance could much possibly show a branch of tree and leaves in the background; and is not in exact shape of a spirit leaving the body. The greyish-white appearance, if it is not added with artificial photo effects, could be a scratch on the lens, a trick of the light, some dirt on the sensor of the camera or even smoke from vehicles.

So considering the aforementioned facts, the chilling claim that a photograph from a fatal Kentucky crash incident shows a man’s spirit leaving his body is most certainly a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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