Stories of Black Eyed Children – Fact or Fiction

Picture about Stories of Black Eyed Children
Stories of Black Eyed Children


The sinister black-eyed children that are being reported worldwide are believed to be knocking on doors of people, rapping on windows, asking permission to come in.

Picture about Stories of Black Eyed Children
Stories of Black Eyed Children
Picture about Stories of Black Eyed Children
Stories of Black Eyed Children


These scary messages have been circulating since long time now. They talk about various incidents around the world, where people have reportedly seen the Black-Eyed Children or Kids, BEC’s or BEK’s as they are generally called. The BEC’s have supposedly scared people with their complete black eyes and strange behavior, and are associated to paranormal beings.

Picture about Stories of Black Eyed Children
Stories of Black Eyed Children

Who are Black Eyed Children?

Reports about these strange black-eyed children have been around for a long time. According to these stories, the mysterious black-eyed kids will be aged between 7-16 years and appear all of a sudden during night times. They reportedly look pale, scary and have complete black eyes. It is said that the kids often ask permission to let them into people’s homes, in the name of using their telephone or bathroom. It is also said that the people who have refused their entrance have experienced bad feelings, while most get scared and run away from the scene. The video below gives a briefing about these mysterious black-eyed kids.

How the Stories Started

The stories of these black-eyed children seem to have started around 1980’s or even before. However, there are no credible reports or documented evidence to validate them. The first well documented case was reported on 16 January 1998 by a journalist Brian Bethel.

This incident is reported to have happened in Abilene, Texas at around 9:45pm, when Bethel was inside his car, in a parking lot, writing out a check. Suddenly two kids approached his car and knocked on his driver side window. The kids were supposed to be around 10-14 years of age, and Brian Bethel suddenly sensed an overwhelming sense of fear and unearthliness. One of the boys asked Brian to give them lift to their home, as they forgot to get money to see films. During this conversation, Brian noticed their eyes – coal black, with no irises or pupils. And in that state of surprise, as Brian delayed his response, the boy’s tone turned harsh, and out of fear, Brian drove away from the scene, also seeing the boys disappearing.

Similar incidents were reported in other places like the Arizona, New Mexico and Texas borders. The story of black-eyed kids turned into a popular legend and even movies were created based on this story line. The video below is a promotional video of one such movie, from which, in fact clips and pictures were taken to circulate more of these scary stories. You can read more facts below.

The Facts about BEK’s

Firstly, if the incidents mentioning black-eyed children were real and something out of order did happen with so many people inside their cars or homes – why do we not see any cases filed about them!? The BEC’s were initially called paranormal and associated with vampires or alien beings, saying they were only seen during nights, but the latest stories say they appear even during day light. Then there are many (promotional) videos scaring people with this ‘dark’ phenomenon and generating much public interest.

As far as the black eyes are concerned, people can use lenses and appear like they have complete dark and black eyes, as you can see in this video. Lately, there are even tattoos to color the white portion of eyes, not just in black, but also in other colors.

To conclude, any paranormal claim like this needs an extraordinary evidence. The stories of black-eyed children do not have any evidence to validate them, so they are possibly hoax. These stories became so popular mostly because of the fear factor in humans and their interest in paranormal beings.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


Encounters with Black-Eyed People
Black Eyed Kids – BEK’s (Video)

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