The Mysterious Enchanted River of Philippines: Facts

Picture of The Mysterious Enchanted River of Philippines
The Mysterious Enchanted River of Philippines


This is Enchanted River (Philippines)

Why Enchanted? “Cause no one ever reach its bottom.”

Enchanted River is found in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is called “enchanted” because no one has ever reached its bottom.

Many people, including scuba divers, have tried reaching for the bottom but have failed, hence the legend of its bottomless pit. Moreover, locals share that NOBODY has been successful in catching the fish in this river, whether by hand or by spear.

The Mysterious Enchanted River of Philippines


The message talks about the mystery of ‘Enchanted River’ of Hinatuan on Mindanao Island of Philippines, claiming that it is called so because no one has ever reached its bottom. It is also said that nobody has been successful in catching the fish in this enchanted river, neither by hand nor by spear. The claims as such are partially hoax, as discussed below.

About the Enchanted River

The Hinatuan Enchanted River in the Jungle Island of Mindanao in Philippines is a short stretch of river that pops up out of the ground just before it sends its beautiful, clear, blue water into the Pacific Ocean. The Hinatuan River is called as the “Enchanted River” because of its amazingly clear, blue and deep waters that seem to spring from nowhere. You can get a glimpse of the Enchanted River on Google Maps here.

The Mysterious Enchanted River of Philippines

About the Mysteries

It is a fact that no one could find the exact source of waters flowing along the Enchanted River, but this is because hidden deep below the blue, crystal clear waters is a mountain cave system leading to a chamber and narrow pathways that are difficult to explore – especially without proper planning and knowledge of the area. Some divers estimated the Enchanted River is 50 feet deep on an average, and could even map the underlying geography to a certain extent – as shown in the picture below. The video shows an expedition into the Enchanted River.

Picture of Approximate map of the underlying geography
Approximate map of the underlying geography

The water in Enchanted River is blue because of the blue river basin and clear because of the limestone formation; the steady flow of fresh water from underground mixes with the saltwater. The locals believe that the Enchanted River is a creation of fairies and pixies, and that nobody can catch a fish in this river. Fishing is in fact prohibited in the river.


With its beautiful blue and clear waters, along with (some) mystery of its source, the Hinatuan Enchanted River is considered one of the beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines. Visitors are allowed to bathe in its virtually clear waters and even feed the fish in afternoon hours. The deep river waters contain numerous fishes and other creatures, and the area is also popular with snorkelers as well as divers and explorers. All this has been attracting good number of tourists.

The bottom line, the Enchanted River, although beautiful, appears like a natural formation that is not yet explored completely as of this writing.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Hoax.

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Enchanted in more ways than one: Mystery of the idyllic Filipino river that appears to have no source
Hinatuan Enchanted River

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