Crocodile Bites Off Head of a Bungee Jumper: Video – Facts

Picture from Crocodile Bites Off Head of a Bungee Jumper, Video
Crocodile Bites Off Head of a Bungee Jumper, Video


Bungee Jumper Eaten by Crocodile.

Other Versions

1. Crocodile Bites Bungee Jumpers Head – His Last Bungee Jump.

2. Bungee Jumping – Crocodile.

3. Subject: FW: Bungee jump (Watch the water!!!!!!)

Just another reason not to bungee jump.


The video shared online claims to show an unfortunate accident where a Crocodile (or alligator) bites off the head of a Bungee jumper! The video is a hoax thankfully.

Video Claim

The video claiming to show a Bungee jumper’s head bitten off by a Crocodile has been circulating via email and social networking & video sharing sites for several years. The video shows a Bungee jumper leaping from a high platform as two sports commentators report the action. As he jumps and reaches the top of the water, it appears like a crocodile lunges at him in what is shown as a terrible bungee jumping accident. The uncategorized YouTube video was uploaded in Aug 2007 and does not have any clear description of the incident whereabouts.


What looks like a Bungee jumping accident wherein the jumper’s head is bitten off by the Crocodile is in fact a TV commercial for Foster’s, an iconic Australian beer, which aired in 2003. As you can see the complete commercial in above video, it ends by showing the product along with a voice-over saying, “New Foster’s Hit Tap…Don’t lose your head“. The crocodile shot was added to the Bungee jump footage via special effects. Back then, the advertisement created a controversy that it was made in a bad taste, however, Fosters said the Beer ad was designed in a ‘Aussie-style humor’ to promote a new system that gives drinkers a constant head on their pint. Like it happens often online, removing the final part of advertisement, the video has been shared out of context.

Hoax or Fact:


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