Picture of Amazing Animal Found in Nepal: Facts

Image about Picture of Amazing Animal Found in Nepal
Picture of Amazing Animal Found in Nepal


Amazing animal found in Nepal

Other Versions

1. An African Goat.

2. The Cloud Antelope from Another Dimension.

3. Purple Chinese Dragon.

Facts Analysis:

A picture in heavy circulation on social media and image sharing websites has amazed netizens; it comes with various claims like it is an amazing animal found in Nepal, an African Goat, a Purple Chinese Dragon, or a Cloud Antelope from another Dimension. The claims are not facts; the picture simply shows a posable Art Doll.

Art Doll

Some viewers who believed the picture shows a real wondrous creature thought it is the Cloud Antelope, an alien creature originating from an alternate dimension, according to a popular belief. Nonetheless, seen in the photograph is in fact a posing art doll made by female Deviant Artist CMWyvern from United States, the description of which is given below:

Cloud Antelope is a one of a kind posable art doll, 17” long and 9.5” tall. Her head, lower legs, and scales are sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylics. Her faux fur is hand trimmed and colored. Her horns and legs have an armature inside, so they are very sturdy despite being long and thin.

for sale on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/201158250/cloud-antelope-ooak-posable-fantasy

You can see below couple of pictures of the same Cloud Antelope doll from other angles. On the artist’s Deviant Art page you can also find few other dolls of such ‘mysterious’ animals.

Picture of Cloud Antelope Posable Art Doll
Cloud Antelope Posable Art Doll
Picture of Cloud Antelope Posable Art Doll
Cloud Antelope Posable Art Doll

Hoax or Fact:


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